Plugin Idea: Weighted Tags by Category [en]

Another plugin added to my wishlist: one which would display a weighted list of “related” tags on each category page.

[fr] Encore une idée pour un plugin WordPress, qui permettrait d'afficher sur chaque page de "catégorie" une liste des tags courants utilisés pour étiqueter les billets de cette catégorie. Il y a des volontaires?

I’ve been doing some cleaning up around here — mainly the sidebar, which now tries to provide links which make sense depending on which page we are looking at. I’ve also added navigation between monthly archive pages, and I’m working on my archive index a little.

I thought Weighted Categories looked like a nice plugin, particularly as I have (too) many categories. You can now see it in action for Climb to the Stars.

These last weeks, I’ve been getting into quite a few conversations about tags and categories (and keywords). “Will tags replace categories?” seems to be the big question. I don’t think they will. They do not serve the same purpose. I’m less sure about keywords: since I’ve been tagging all my posts, I’ve stopped choosing keywords for them too. But I’m clearly aware that I do not choose my tags in the same way as I chose my keywords — so it would probably make sense to keep them both (if keywords are actually useful, and I keep getting contradictory information about that).

So, to my plugin idea: for each category page, I’d love to be able to display a list of “tags used for posts in this category”. This list could be weighted, or not. It would be pretty simple to retrieve from the database. Off the top of my head and probably with syntax errors, something like: select * from post_meta where key=’tags’ and post_id in (select post_id from table_categories where cat_id = ‘our current category’). Whee, that must be the ugliest wannabe-SQL ever written — but you get the idea, don’t you? Then, the list of tags would be parsed and weighted as are categories in this plugin.

Anybody want to take up the challenge? Actually, this might be best as an extra feature for Bunny’s Technorati Tags, as it wouldn’t be much use without tags. Let me know if you’d like to do it (credit, of course, will be given) — otherwise I’ll probably end up doing it myself at some point.

Thanks for listening to me think out loud, and my apologies to my non-techie readers — I know my weblog hasn’t been very interesting for you to read lately!

4 thoughts on “Plugin Idea: Weighted Tags by Category [en]

  1. What I wanted to do was make a tagspace to point to which would show a homegrown techonorati tags thing (like the weighted categories plugin, but using tags instead.)

    You’re right in observing that the php/sql itself would be pretty short.

    Maybe a output_bunny_tags_all($weighted = false, $limit = ”) function where $weighted is whether the tags are weighted by font-size and $limit takes time (day, week, month, year) or category-name bounds, hm?

    I’ll submit that if you don’t get around to doing it before me 🙂

  2. Stéphanie, I think you have to choose:

    when I write to my weblog, wiki, flickr, etc … I don’t want to spend time choosing a category AND setting keywords AND choosing tags.

    IMHO, tagging is enough, if it is correctly done.

    If you want to create a tool that is widely used, implementing categories, keywords and tags will confuse most users, and even most of your readers surely don’t grasp the subtility of the differences between your categories, your keywords and your tags.

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