Body Shop Tobacco Flower Scent [en]

I finally managed to find some Tobacco Flower products from The Body Shop!

I bumped into my friend Mercedes yesterday. Believe it or not, she managed to bring back a bagful of Tobacco Flower stuff from a Body Shop depot in York. She had the bag with her. She made my day.

A bit over a year ago, my Grandma gave me a set of Tobacco Flower products from The Body Shop. She had received them from somebody and didn’t really like the scent. Aleika had mentioned to me, some time before that, that she really liked the smell. I quickly took to it, and before long Tobacco Flower was my “favorite perfume” of the moment.

Before long too, the little 10ml bottle was almost empty, and I learnt that Body Shop had discontinued Tobacco Flower. What a disappointment! By chance, somebody left a bottle of Tobacco Flower shower gel in the changing room at judo (people often leave shower gel there, you just use what you find). I started asking around to find out who had brought it, and where she had found it from. That is when Mercedes offered to check Body Shops in England for me next time she went.

I am how the happy owner of 40ml of perfume, two big shower gel bottles, and one big bottle of mody moisturiser. Yay!

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  1. I fell in love with Tobacco Flower when I first smelled it at Heathrow Airport in London 2 years ago. It has been my favorite but I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE

  2. Well… have you tried York? Or asking your local Body Shop if they were going to get any for their next sale?

  3. looking for more tobaccoflower … as much as possible… French, living in southfrance … (York is really too far away to go…)looking for… how can i get get some more…? hope i’ll smell it soon, (excuse my dirtynglish..) thank you; marie.

  4. It sometimes comes up on eBay. I am trying to get some of the incense.

  5. frantically looking for the Tobacco Flower cologne. Last time in Amsterdam, bought 4 large bottles. none left in the states, does anyone have to buy a few.



  6. I found Tobacco Flower 6 yrs ago while my husband and I visited a friend in Manchester. I was love at first smell.
    I have been getting it for the last six years buy the suite case load, bt now they have stop selling that line, corp office of The Body Shop said it was not a good saler.
    It was the best product they had. I went to Amsterdam, York, Manchester, and London they no longer have it.
    Body Shop bring back Tobacco Flower. I think if everyone well call The corp. office of The Body Shop and demand the return of the Tobacco Flower.

  7. I love the smell of bodyshop tobacco flower. I bought 2 bottles in Athens airport 2 yrs ago. I managed to get a bottle off ebay but no luck after that, maybe we should all lobby the bodyshop for this fantastic perfume!!

  8. I found Tobacco Flower products today at the Body Shop in Chandler, Arizona (U.S.)… so maybe they’re available everywhere again?

  9. I love tobacco flower and it has been my fav perfume for years and i’m not big into perfumes. I’m really raged that body shop doesn’t sell it anymore so now I m on the internet looking for it now.

  10. Yey! I am not the only Tobacco Flower fan! ;p

    I bought my fist (and last) one bottle of Tobacco Flower shower gel last November in Turkey. After coming back to Los Angeles, I could not find it anywhere. I searched it in Body Shop’s all international websites; however no luck. I even emailed to their sales department and they gave the sad news.

    I am not sure if they know there are so many T.F. fan out there but I am definitely going to send this link to them. May be they can start that item again. ;p

  11. I am an at home Body Shop consultant and we do have tobacco flower home fragrance oil now that you put in a burner and it makes your house smell like tobacco flower. You can order through my website if you are interested. It is unfortunately I don’t know of any other items in that scent. I will keep my eyes open.

  12. Iam a fan of The Bodyshop’s Tobacco Flower and was terribly disappointed that it was discontinued. I am now on my last bottle of TF and will write the Global Headquarters to request that they bring back TF …. 🙂

  13. Hi there….Im not big into perfume, but the tobacco flower scent was my favorite. So unique and different, I loved it. Im in Canada, and it is impossible to get it here. Is unfortunate, and I have contacted the Body Shop, and they said that they wouldnt be selling it again. So now Im on the hunt on the internet. Good luck!

  14. Where can I purchase the eau de toilette of Tobacco Flower? I cannot find it in the states or at any Body Shop stores.

  15. I want The Body Shop’s Tobacco lower essentials….can ANYONE help?

  16. The Middle East (Bahrain to be specific) still sell lots of the perfume, they never seem to run out =P

  17. I purchased some Tobacco Flower a few years ago in Canada at some outlet mall. I ran out and went to my local Body Shop store and they said it was discontinued. I think that’s the best smelling perfume!!! I email them and i’m waiting for an answer.

  18. I first was introduced to tobacco flower at a friends house in canada. I am looking for the perfume if any one can find it please let me know

  19. I came across this scent from the most wonderful woman in the world. She would leave this burning in her apartment all the time. It was one of the best summers I can remember, anytime I smell this scent it takes me back to that summer and all the emotions involved with it. She recently got married and I would love to find this for her as a present. I really cant describe how well this scent fits her. It is my absolute favorite scent in the world. PLEASE let me know where to find it.

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