Lift10, The Old New Media: Reinvent Capitalism (Mercedes Bunz) [en]

Here are my running notes of the Lift conference in Geneva. This is Mercedes Bunz’s Reinvent Capitalism, part of the Old New Media session. May contain errors, omissions, things that aren’t quite right, etc. I do my best but I’m just a human live-blogging machine.

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Lift10 Mercedes Bunz

What’s going on? Algorithms analyzing text, but also writing it. Algorithms can now search online for information and facts and present them in formal journalistic style. *steph-note: did I get that right? I have trouble following.*

Example, Guardian Zeitgeist — chooses articles by itself.

*steph-note: total fail on note-taking here, combination of reading/audio quality/voice pitch/my deafness*

Public: category that is always changing. Communications used to be private, but as they move online, they become increasingly public and available for use.

Michel Foucault, structure of power (in The History of Sexuality).

Need to stop pushing society into a fear of society. Digitization is new business.

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