Body Shop Tobacco Flower Scent [en]

I finally managed to find some Tobacco Flower products from The Body Shop!

I bumped into my friend Mercedes yesterday. Believe it or not, she managed to bring back a bagful of Tobacco Flower stuff from a Body Shop depot in York. She had the bag with her. She made my day.

A bit over a year ago, my Grandma gave me a set of Tobacco Flower products from The Body Shop. She had received them from somebody and didn’t really like the scent. Aleika had mentioned to me, some time before that, that she really liked the smell. I quickly took to it, and before long Tobacco Flower was my “favorite perfume” of the moment.

Before long too, the little 10ml bottle was almost empty, and I learnt that Body Shop had discontinued Tobacco Flower. What a disappointment! By chance, somebody left a bottle of Tobacco Flower shower gel in the changing room at judo (people often leave shower gel there, you just use what you find). I started asking around to find out who had brought it, and where she had found it from. That is when Mercedes offered to check Body Shops in England for me next time she went.

I am how the happy owner of 40ml of perfume, two big shower gel bottles, and one big bottle of mody moisturiser. Yay!

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