Welcome to LeWeb'08! [en]

[fr] A la conférence LeWeb'08 à Paris.

Here we are& it’s started! Here I am at LeWeb’08 — and now that I’m here, very happy :-) (I’ve come to dread events in a way, but that’s the subject of another post and has nothing to do with LeWeb’08).

For those of you who are not here with us, keep up with what’s going on by following the live video feed by Ustream.

Tweets, photos and posts tagged “leweb083 are aggregated in the LeWeb’08 sixgroups livecommunity and @eventtrack.

If you are blogging about LeWeb’08, you might want to add the Livecommunity bar to your site (I have to approve them but if I see stuff about LeWeb’08 on your site it won’t be a problem). Here’s the code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://leweb08.sixgroups.com/widgets/api/json/v/03/"></script>
<div id="sgBarContainer"><span style="font: 9px Arial, sans-serif; color: #ccc; ">Livecommunity powered by <a style="font: 9px Arial, sans-serif; color: #ccc; " href="http://sixgroups.com/" title="Community Software">sixgroups.com</a></span>
<script type="text/javascript">if(sg){document.body.style.paddingTop = "27px";sg.addWidget({type: "sgBar", vposition: "fixed"});}</script>

You can see it at work on this site.

There is also a Bloggersbase blog (with contest) that you can contribute to. Official bloggers (bloggers who received a blogger accreditation from me), don’t forget to add your publications to the “Coverage” page. (The general public doesn’t have access to this page, so if you’re not an official blogger you won’t be able to see it.)

The first five rows have small tables, each fitted with an ethernet cable and power. Most of the seats there are taken, but I still see a few empty ones. I’m on the wifi, which is behaving nicely (fingers crossed).

Right, I’m going to leave you and continue listening to David Weinberger :-)

Oh, and you can find me (and others) on irc.freenode.net in channel #leweb08&

Deadline Today For LeWeb Blogger Accreditation [en]

[fr] Aujourd'hui, dernier jour pour l'accréditation blogueur de la conférence LeWeb'08. Nous avons reçu énormément d'inscriptions, surtout de la part de blogueurs écrivant en français, anglais, espagnol, italien, allemand.

So far, 150 bloggers have requested a blogger accreditation for LeWeb’08 Paris. Wow! Good thing I figured out Google Forms just in time.

The deadline for requesting accreditation is today, end of my day.

Without getting into precise numbers, this is of course way more than the number of passes we have available for bloggers (but let me reassure you, we don’t just have a dozen or so, of course — somewhere in between).

Most bloggers requesting a pass have announced that they would blog about LeWeb’08 in English or French, which is quite natural. We will take that into account when selecting pass-holders. German, Italian, and Spanish are also well-represented. If you blog in another language than these and have a tech/business-oriented blog, do get in touch today.

Each person who filled in the form will receive an answer, whether they are selected as official LeWeb’08 bloggers or not. Selected bloggers will be announced on the 20th (next Monday), so don’t fret if you haven’t heard from me yet.

Géraldine just contacted me to point me to the page of banners LeWeb’08 staff have prepared, so go and help yourself in the meantime!

Blogger Accreditations for LeWeb Paris [en]

Update: the deadline for requests was 13.10.2008. The form is now closed. Thank you.

I’m pleased to announce that I am in charge of managing blogger accreditations for the conference LeWeb’08 Paris which will take place on December 9-10th.

For the fifth year running, this huge conference organised by Géraldine and Loïc Le Meur will receive 1500 participants from the business, media, and internet worlds to listen to an amazing line-up of speakers — gathered this year around the theme love. Just look at the programme to get a taste of what’s in store (listen to the video!) — plus great food, a startup competition, incredible networking, giant screens…

I went to LeWeb in 2006 for the first time, and I have to say I was blown away by what they had managed to put together. If you’ve never been to Le Web, it’s really worth experiencing. And if you have… Well, I probably don’t need to say much more.

This year, maybe you will one of the lucky ones to be invited there, as LeWeb is selecting bloggers, podcasters, and generally “electronic media people” from all over the world to cover the conference.

This selection will be based on:

  • their geographical and linguistic location (ever thought of language as an online “place”?)
  • their readership and influence
  • their motivation and the value they offer the conference by their presence
  • when they made their request (yes, there is an element of first come, first served in the selection).

Selected bloggers will be asked to display a badge on their blog upto the conference date and blog about it at least once before mid-November. They will be listed in an official blogroll on the conference site and will be given a “blogger accreditation” to attend the conference and cover it.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] (I’ll receive it) with Due to the rather large number of people applying, please fill in this form, which will ask you for information like:

  • your name
  • your URL
  • the country you live in
  • the language you will be blogging about LeWeb in
  • your Twitter username if you have one
  • if you’ve attended previous LeWeb conferences, and when
  • why we should invite you 🙂 (we know you’re great and you certainly deserve it, but what does LeWeb get out of the deal?)

Bloggers who are also journalists should apply for a regular press pass at [email protected].

Waiting to hear from you, and looking forward to seeing you at LeWeb in a couple of months!