Deadline Today For LeWeb Blogger Accreditation [en]

[fr] Aujourd'hui, dernier jour pour l'accréditation blogueur de la conférence LeWeb'08. Nous avons reçu énormément d'inscriptions, surtout de la part de blogueurs écrivant en français, anglais, espagnol, italien, allemand.

So far, 150 bloggers have requested a blogger accreditation for LeWeb’08 Paris. Wow! Good thing I figured out Google Forms just in time.

The deadline for requesting accreditation is today, end of my day.

Without getting into precise numbers, this is of course way more than the number of passes we have available for bloggers (but let me reassure you, we don’t just have a dozen or so, of course — somewhere in between).

Most bloggers requesting a pass have announced that they would blog about LeWeb’08 in English or French, which is quite natural. We will take that into account when selecting pass-holders. German, Italian, and Spanish are also well-represented. If you blog in another language than these and have a tech/business-oriented blog, do get in touch today.

Each person who filled in the form will receive an answer, whether they are selected as official LeWeb’08 bloggers or not. Selected bloggers will be announced on the 20th (next Monday), so don’t fret if you haven’t heard from me yet.

Géraldine just contacted me to point me to the page of banners LeWeb’08 staff have prepared, so go and help yourself in the meantime!

4 thoughts on “Deadline Today For LeWeb Blogger Accreditation [en]

  1. Hey Stephanie.

    Seems the link in this post to Google forms is broken … for me at least.

    Nice blog. Give Bagha a scratch.

  2. Rien à voir, mais depuis quelques heures (jours?), ton flux RSS me parait dans les choux : si je vais sur j'arrive sur un truc de wordpress de type page web de 1994 pour s'inscrire à leur service.

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