Monthly/Weekly Calendar Improved [en]

[fr] Une amélioration du planning que je me suis fabriqué. Les semaines sont verticales (plus logique vu que le temps file verticalement durant un jour). Il y a une version française en PDF.

Screenshot of calendar days. I barely started using the calendar I created for myself that I’ve already made some major interface changes: most significant being that I’ve shifted the weeks from horizontal to vertical view. You still get four months on a single sheet of paper, but you have to hold it the other way.

The reason for this is that time inside a day flows vertically (morning things at the top of the day box, evening things at the bottom). It makes more sense for me to have the next morning straight below the current day’s evening. This means I lose an “at a glance” view of “all my mornings this week” or “all my evenings this week” — but I’m glad to sacrifice that for some temporal continuity, and an easier view of “my next Tuesday afternoons”.

I’ve also revised the six little lines used to fill up the days: two large ones for a.m. and p.m. (marked as such), one fine one for lunch and supper, and another not-so-thick one for evening. On my version of the calendar, I’ve also pre-filled regular weekly commitments (judo, singing, etc). The screenshot shows you what it looks like.

Here is the new version of this calendar (version française). If you want to edit stuff, get the Open Office 2 version.

Weekly/Monthly Planner [en]

[fr] Un agenda mensuel fait sur mesure (4 mois sur une page recto-verso).

When my iBook last broke, I found myself yet again withough my Calendar (I was using iCal religiously). I did two things: I started using Google Calendar, and I bought myself a very small and thin paper planner (my handbag tends to be in a permanent burst-at-the-seams mode).

Yesterday, I decided I needed more writing space on my planner, so I made myself a custom monthly planner [14K PDF] (get it in Open Office 2 format [8K]if you want to play with it). It’s still a 0.1 alpha version so it can certainly be muchly improved.

It holds two months on each page, so by printing back and front you get four months on one sheet of paper. Keep the first column for weekly stuff and notes. Write the days of the weeks in the top row (month in the first cell). Add date (just the day!) in the corner of each square. There are six lines in each day to make it easier to organise stuff (two for morning, two for afternoon, two for evening, or however you please).

If you download it and make improvements, be sure to share them with us!

Un bon article sur les blogs! [fr]

Un joli petit article sur le blogs à  lire absolument (c’est assez clair?)

[en] A good article on weblogs by a pretty well-known franco-blogger who happens to work undercover for the weekly journal Biel-Bienne. PDF available, bilingual: German and French.

Notre ami Flippy, qui travaille également à  ses heures perdues sous couverture pour le journal hebdomadaire biennois Biel-Bienne, nous fait le plaisir et l’honneur du fameux article sur les blogs dont il nous parle (enfin, à  moi, en tous cas) depuis si longtemps. Diantre, c’est même, selon certaines sources pas trop mal informées, le désir d’écrire un article sur ce sujet qui l’aurait poussé à  sauter à  pieds joints dans la blogosphère, il y a bien des lunes de cela!

Trève de plaisanteries. L’article n’a pas de version en ligne, mais un courrier anonyme déposé devant ma porte me l’a fourni en format PDF. A lire en français et en allemand (c’est le moment de se dérouiller) avant de faire quoi que ce soit d’autre: A coeur ouvert sur la toile. On attend feedback, courrier des lecteurs, et messages de fans en délire pour le journaliste qui ne va pas tarder à  aller chatouiller le nez de Cléopâtre (comprenne qui pourra).

En résumé: l’article qu’il est très bien, que ça fait longtemps qu’on en attendait un comme ça, et que vous allez tous en parler sur vos blogs. Allez, zou.