Hello, Cats! [en]

[fr] J'ai des nouveaux chats 🙂

When I came back from India a month ago, I launched the “cat adoption” project. A few leads that fizzled out and three shelter visits later, here we are!

New Cats 34.jpg

Who, me?

I have teh cutes

There will be many more photographs, backstories, and musings on how I’m adjusting to having new cats in my life.

Short version? They’re both around 2 years old, come from SOS Chats in Geneva, are shelter buddies, and get along really well. They’ve adapted super fast to their new surroundings — less than three hours after arrival, I had both of them on my lap at the same time. They don’t have proper names yet, even though they had shelter names and we’re trying on some new ones right now.

We’re getting to know one another!

Linkball for a Sunday Night [en]

[fr] Un peu de lecture pour dimanche soir.

Steph+Suw Podcast: First! [en]

[fr] Suw et moi avons enfin enregistré le fameux podcast-conversation dont nous parlons depuis notre première rencontre, en mai 2004. C'est en anglais et c'est assez long, mais on s'en est pas trop mal sorties pour une première!

Each time Suw and I meet, we talk about recording a podcast together. We met for the first time in June 2004, and if I believe the Podcasting and Beercasting Thoughts I wrote a little less than a year later, that was indeed when we first started talking about using audio to record conversations.

I’m definitely sure that we talked about it at BlogTalk 2. I don’t think Skype was in the air then, but we talked about hooking up our phones to some audio recording device, and left it at that. At that time, people were getting excited about “audioblogging” (did we already talk about “podcasting” back then? It seems a long, long time ago) and we agreed that were audio really became interesting was in rendering conversations. (See the Podcasting and Beercasting Thoughts post for more about that.)

Anyway, now we have Skype, and Call Recorder (which reminds me, I need to write up a post about the ethics of recording audio conversations), and we finally got round to doing it. It’s a bit long-ish (40 minutes — not surprising if you know us!) and has been slightly edited in that respect, but honestly, it’s not too bad for a start.

Here is roughly what we talked about.

  • San Francisco, web geek paradise
  • City sizes (see this London-SF superimposition map)
  • Segways
  • The cat/geek Venn diagram (Twitter error message)
  • I really want a Wii
  • IRC screen names
  • The difficulties of pronouncing S-u-w
  • When geeks name children: A unique identifier or anonymity?
  • Stalkers and geoinformation
  • Perceptions of security
  • Giving out your phone number and address, and personal boundaries
  • Airport security (background…)
  • Risk and expectations of risk
  • Death, religion, and the medical industry
  • Naming our podcast… something about blondes, apparently
  • Clueless marketeering from the Fabric nightclub in London
  • The repercussions of having a blog that people think is influential (even if
    you don’t think it is)

Let us know what you liked and didn’t like! View Suw’s post about this podcast.

Meet the Spiff [en]

I dreamt of Spiff, Martine and Blork’s cat.

[fr] J'ai rêvé de Spiff, le chat de Martine, cette nuit. Récit du (bref) rêve.

Amongst my vivid morning dreams today was a meeting with Spiff. He had his pretty blue manucure. However, I was pretty astonished when he removed the SoftPaw off his left “index” by pinching it between two left claws. (Don’t ask my how he suddenly sprouted an opposable thumb to do that — this is a dream, remember?).

Unphased, he put the blue piece of rubber in his mouth, chewed it up, and swallowed.