Meet the Spiff [en]

I dreamt of Spiff, Martine and Blork’s cat.

[fr] J'ai rêvé de Spiff, le chat de Martine, cette nuit. Récit du (bref) rêve.

Amongst my vivid morning dreams today was a meeting with Spiff. He had his pretty blue manucure. However, I was pretty astonished when he removed the SoftPaw off his left “index” by pinching it between two left claws. (Don’t ask my how he suddenly sprouted an opposable thumb to do that — this is a dream, remember?).

Unphased, he put the blue piece of rubber in his mouth, chewed it up, and swallowed.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Spiff [en]

  1. Hey, Spiff is traveling! Maybe he got rid of the plastic claw because he wanted to try out your shrimp peeling technique!

    Spiff is not so happy these days: we have “rescued” an adorable black kitten who was left outside in the cold and the little guy jumps on our 14 year-old cat, bites him and tries to get him to play. Spiff won’t have any of this and he’s a bit annoyed by our guest. Not too sure what to do but time will tell, I guess.

  2. Martine, you could try to lay your hands on a copy of “Do Cats Need Shrinks” — it has great advice about getting cats to socialize and accept each other (and on top of that, it’s very funnily written).

    Another place I found good kitty behavioural advice is — can’t remember if they have anything particular on the subject, but I suppose they should, just have a look around.

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