Hello, Cats! [en]

[fr] J'ai des nouveaux chats 🙂

When I came back from India a month ago, I launched the “cat adoption” project. A few leads that fizzled out and three shelter visits later, here we are!

New Cats 34.jpg

Who, me?

I have teh cutes

There will be many more photographs, backstories, and musings on how I’m adjusting to having new cats in my life.

Short version? They’re both around 2 years old, come from SOS Chats in Geneva, are shelter buddies, and get along really well. They’ve adapted super fast to their new surroundings — less than three hours after arrival, I had both of them on my lap at the same time. They don’t have proper names yet, even though they had shelter names and we’re trying on some new ones right now.

We’re getting to know one another!

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