Blog Stuff [en]

Going through the bookmarks I had collected when I was staying at my brother’s, I pulled out
non-negative blogging for you. What is it about?

First of all, if you are not very familiar with the “blogging” subject, read Rebecca Blood’s excellent essay on weblog history. You might also want to read Deconstructing “You’ve Got Blog” (a comment on Rebecca Mead’s article) which puts notes the “star-system” and “incestuous nature” of blogging.

Sorry for the interruption. Dink’s take is that lots of bloggers openly criticize other bloggers. Not their opinions, but their person. Not later than yesterday, I must say I noticed something very similar to a blog-war going on not far from what I call the “waferbaby community”.

Before I had a site, I spent the major part (if not all) of my online time in chatrooms. I used to go on crusades to convince my fellow chatters to treat “online people” with as much respect and care as “offline people”. Too often, it was not the case.
People online are treated as “virtual”, denied an existence of human beings with feelings.

Positive blogging goes in exactly that direction. “Think of the person behind the webpage or the keyboard, maybe at the other end of the world.

Astounding [en]

I’m posting quite regularly at Astounding these days.
I also discovered CitizenX – a rather cool place to hang out. Contact me if you need my nickname at any of these two places ; ).

Two personal sites caught my interest:

  • First, [the bwg update]. After having spent a year in India, the site of a person living in Hong Kong could only interest me.
  • Second, CannBoys. Though I must admit I didn’t spend much time on the main parts of the site, I had a really good time (so did my brother!) trashing the web.

Apart from that web-news, I have started work. The three first days of instruction were a bit of a bore – the kind of days that leave me wishing I was a little less swift and a trifle more dumb.
Lots of time spent amongst students, professors and other smart people can make you forget what the Real World Mind is like.

Update 01.06.2004: Astounding is long gone, as its (short-lived) successor Fathom5. It was nice while it lasted.

Weblog Open [en]

Here we are. I have an online “journal”. Let’s see what happens.

Yesterday, I posted in the Astounding Websites forum about subject lines.
Thirty minutes later, my suggestion was approved and implemented.
It is quite a strange feeling when a little suggestion, dropped in a space populated by people who have no idea that you exist, has such an immediate and concrete effect.