Francophonie Online III [en]

Voici une autre note positive à  mon excursion en francophonie web-esque: Karl & Cow.
Nouvelle capitale pour tous les webmasters francophones qui me lisent: il y a des gens qui traduisent les documents du W3C pour vous…

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More Web Peeves [en]

Francophonie Online II [en]

Je termine mon excursion en francophonie sur une note un peu plus optimiste: allez faire un tour sur le site de l’Ecole de la Montée.

Le design est propre (le code aussi, croyez-moi, je suis une accro du “view source”), et le travail avec les enfants est extrêmement bien mis en valeur. Le contenu pédagogique expliquant et accompagnant les différents “ateliers” est éclairant.

Cela vaut la visite, même si vous n’avez pas beaucoup de liens avec l’enseignement!

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Web Peeves [en]

Another couple of pet peeves. I guess I’m coming up with so many that I’ll have to concentrate them all in one place soon:

  • trading links
  • bragging about being linked to by such-and-such “celebrity”
  • incessant talking about how many “hits” or “visits” one’s site is getting and how to increase them

That’s all for now, folks!

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Pyra [en]

You might want to read the different versions of the Pyra story before posting your comments to the giant MeFi thread on the topic.

I had at first misunderstood that the employees had abandoned Pyra…

Read on:

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Popular [en]

Big [en]

Disclaimer [en]

Although it still may be funny, Nickd got it wrong. I wrote the word to css email to groupmonkey, not to him.

Just so you people know who I send my dumb emails to… *wink*

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Tangerine [en]

[no comment on number of posts today]
I’m pleased to tell you that Tangerine Girl is writing again. Her long absence had actually managed to get me worrying…

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First Web Peeves [en]

OK, so I’m developping a new set of pet peeves.

  • coloured scroll-bars
  • “rate me” boxes
  • chunk after chunk of IM (or IRC, or ICQ) conversations
  • “see this” or “go here” links
  • all-centered body text

Phew! enough for now.

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