Animals [en]

If you’re an animal weirdo like I am, please do set some time aside to read Dr. Roen‘s column.

It’s funny and informative.

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Cat and Dog Diet [en]

Yes, I know. Lots about my animals, these days.
Well, coming home from the vet’s, it seems that I’ve been doing the worst thing possible: feeding cat food to the dog and vice-versa.

Cats are pure carnivores. Dogs are omnivores. They need a different diet, and each have very specific protein and vitamin requirements.

So here I am, with my veterinary kitty and doggie foods. It looks expensive, but it’s rather economical: as it is dry, a little goes a long way. And it is good quality.

I guess if the vet feeds that to her animals, and she is neither producing it, nor paid to promote it, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

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Puke and Poop [en]

First dog puked all over the flat.
Then cat pooped on the bed (while I was in it, thank you).

Now cat is puking all over the flat.

I’ve told them time and time again not to eat all those rotten things they find outside, but they never listen.

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Dog [en]

Cali has always been keen on herding “things”. “Things” being: Bagha, the servants in India, and any male stranger who appears to be “a worker”.

She also likes digging. She bites mouthfuls of earth out with her teeth. When I left India with Bagha, Aleika told me that Cali simply spent her time in the garden digging holes.
Yesterday evening, I was on the phone with my grandmother in the university grounds, while walking her. Of course, it’s hard to talk and walk at the same time, so at one point I just stopped where I was, in the middle of a patch of green.

By the time I had hung up, Cali had dug a hole big enough to contain her head and shoulders. I put the earth back in, but I don’t think it will fool anyone…

Her “new” thing now is trees. I’d always heard jokes about dogs and trees, and I’d already noticed Cali liked peering up trees when a cat or squirrel was around. She did that in India, already.
But the “tree mania” has got much more intense lately. She has her list of trees on our walk, and she’ll run from one to another and guard them, nose up high. It’s specially funny at the university, where she will do that with simply enormous trees which make her look like a miniature doggie.

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Alive Again [en]

Great! Work is doing fine, and the bush has been nastily trimmed.
Bagha is a free cat again, and I feel alive for the first time in nearly two weeks. All I need to do to consider myself a human being again is to clean the flat, do the washing-up, pay my bills, change the bulb in the kitchen (I can’t get the damn lamp off!) and start studying a bit.

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Une vie de chat [en]

Oui je sais… je néglige mon auditoire francophone. Mais existe-t-il seulement? Je n’en vois nulle trace!
Si vous passez par ici, vous savez quoi faire: laissez plein de petits commentaire français, et vous sachant là , il sera plus facile pour moi de vous écrire…

Résumé de la situation: Bagha vit enfermé depuis bientôt dix jours. Un paysagiste mandaté par la gérance vient en principe demain pour tailler l’arbre coupable, et mon fauve pourra à  nouveau gambader dans le jardin sans risquer de m’entraîner dans des histoires d’avocat et de tribunal.

Je travaille depuis deux semaines à  près de 75% chez Orange. Inutile de dire que je suis épuisée, et que je n’ai pas fait grand-chose pour mes études dernièrement. Je compte bien me rattrapper durant les vacances de Noël.

Sinon… ah oui, petite anecdote familiale: mon pauvre frère s’est décidé à  acheter un Nokia 6210. Il l’a eu entre les mains en tout et pour tout six heures avant qu’il tombe par terre et que l’écran se brise. Retour au magasin, et avec la complicité compassitante de l’employée du service après-vente, on espère qu’il sera remplacé… croisons les doigts!

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A Day in my Life [en]

Tonight I went to see The Virgin Suicides with my brother.
The movie was all right – nothing to scream and shout about. I appreciated the teenager narrative point of view, and the fact that the story is not fully explained.
It’s worth seeing if you want to go the cinema, but it’s maybe not the film to see if you’re feeling a little depressed.

I felt like eating guacamole, so we went to eat mexican. Both my brother and I had a good time trying to get him to roll his fajitas correctly.
Nice evening!

Cali is busy chewing on used hankies she has dug out of the waste-paper basket. Bagha shoots out of the flat with a “mrrrraou!” each time I open the door.

Hopefully, professionnals are coming tomorrow the trim the tree that Bagha uses as a ladder to access a certain lady’s balcony. He will be allowed outside for the first time in ten days.
My grandmother recommends offering her a water-pistol. That indeed seems the best way to keep the tiger at bay!

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Sérénade [en]

Le travail chez Orange est très chouette – mais il y en a beaucoup. Je devrais normalement avoir trois personnes pour m’aider (l’une d’elles est déjà  en place, et fait vraiment bien avancer le schmilblick).

Mes examens de français approchent à  grands pas, et avant eux, les deux séminaires qu’il me reste à  faire.

Quant au chat, il insiste. Après avoir chanté une sérénade aux chattes de la “dame au balcon” – à  dix heures du soir bien entendu, pour qu’il puisse la tirer du lit – il a encore récidivé cet après-midi après que j’ai péniblement obtenu du concierge la mutilation du buisson coupable (coupable de permettre à  Bagha de pénétrer en territoire interdit).
Tout ceci s’est donc accompagné d’un téléphone peu agréable qui contenait menaces de tribunal et suggestion d’abandonner mon chat à  la SPA. Ah oui, et ce serait aussi un bonne idée que je déménage. Heureusement que la dame de la gérance n’avait pas l’air de prendre toutes ces plaintes trop au tragique: “non, mais vous inquiétez pas pour ça…”

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Kitty Kitty [en]

If you want the news, you’re going to have it.

Bagha has been going balcony-climbing quite regularly – or so it seems.
Thursday ten p.m., he even did a bit of singing up there. Unfortunately it woke the lady up. She was quite irrate. I guess I would have been too.
Friday morning, phone call. Summary: if things don’t get better, she will file a lawsuit against me. She recommends that I get rid of my cat or move somewhere else.

Guess what state I was in.

The woman at the flat rental agency was nice, told me not to worry, and that I could go ahead and cut off the branch that helps Bagha get on the dear lady’s balcony.
This afternoon, I had a rather tense conversation with the caretaker, who was unwilling to let me mess around with his bushes as he hadn’t received any clearance from the authorities above.

With all the stress and tiredness of this first week of work, I ended up bursting into tears, and he ended up finally cutting the branches off.
I don’t approve of using tears to get results – but I must say they changed the situation dramatically.

So I let Bagha out after 48 hours of confinement.

And when I came home a couple of hours later, he was up on the damn balcony again. There was an alternate route.

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Délation [en]

Ça commence à  bien faire!
Je croise ma concierge en rentrant, qui me dit qu’au moins trois personnes se sont encore plaintes de mon chat. Parce qu’il se promène dans les couloirs de l’immeuble. Parce qu’il rentre par les fenêtres ouvertes. Parce qu’il miaule derrière les portes.
Mais qu’ils me le disent à  moi, bon sang! D’autant plus que probablement, ce sont surtout des vieilles dames qui se plaignent pour le plaisir de se plaindre.


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