I'm at LeWeb'13 [en]

[fr] Articles en direct de la conférence-festival Le Web (je peux pas appeler ça un "salon" comme les français).

There we are. I feel strangely relaxed compared to the last five years or so. Nothing to worry about but myself and my blog!

Ricardo took a bunch of us official bloggers around the venue yesterday evening. I was happy to see everyone I knew, and even managed to recognise Frédéric Pereira (quite a feat given how bad I am with faces). Arne and Fred were there of course, my old friends Erno, Myriam, Adam, and the incredible Halley, who danced for everybody in the party bus that drove us around Paris afterwards.

I loved the idea of a party bus — for people who like partying. Not my case unfortunately, and I have a really hard time with loud environments, like most people with hearing loss. I guess my cup of tea would be a “tea bar bus” with soft music I can’t hear, comfy sofas, tea and cake. But I’m aware I’m a special snowflake in that respect and I wouldn’t want to impose my quirks on everybody else.

You want photos?

Fred Pereira in action


Checking out the venue before it’s ready!

What’s this car?

A peek inside

Desks for bloggers, and other typing people, on the side of the stage this year (we’ll see how that goes!)

The stage, with the expected 3D printer

Charbax checking out the gear in the Blogger Lounge

A better view of the Blogger Lounge

Halley, feeling camera shy

I approve of the colour scheme

The aforementioned gear


The Googley place in the other building

And the party bus!

And now it’s starting! Note the TV-like stage, at the same height as the public. Barriers breaking down! (Ooh, exciting: meditation session in the plenary room. Interested to see what that will be like.)

LeWeb'13 29

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