Renault at LeWeb: Lovely Lounge and the Twizy Test Drive [en]

[fr] J'ai testé la Renault Twizy pour vous, très sympa! Vidéo bientôt, avec du français dedans 🙂

Update 14.12.2011: here’s the video, thanks so much to Charbax!

Remember last year? I fell in love with the Renault Twizy that was on display at LeWeb. Andrea had lent me his 7-14mm lens and I thought the playful electric car was a great subject.

LeWeb'10 First Day 20 - Renault Twizy

This year, we’re not just looking at a prototype. We’re looking at the real thing, and you can sign up for test drives at the Renault lounge (or try your luck dropping in). Here’s a little corner of their lounge, by the way, nice and cozy for a little sit-down before or after listening to what’s going on on the main stage.

Renault lounge at Le Web -- cozy!

And here’s the car on display:

Twizy Car at LeWeb'11.

So, I got to test drive the car this morning — thanks a lot to German for accompanying me there personally and taking the photos. (German manages blogger relations for Renault, official partner of LeWeb this year). Charbax was around too, and he shot a video of my test. It will be online soon! (Warning: mixture of French and English in the video ;-))

Twizy Test Drive 1060872.jpg

First thing, special seat-belt. In addition to the normal seat-belt, you get a second one on the other side. “So you don’t fall out,” said the kind guy helping me in. What I see first, though, having been in a couple of accidents (bumping into the car in front of me, don’t ask) is that at least with this set up I’ll get “straight” whiplash, and not the nasty twisty trauma that comes with the traditional seat-belt. But most probably, I won’t get into any accident with this lovely Twizy.

Twizy Test Drive 1060877.jpg

To start the car, press down on the brake pedal (and not the gas pedal as I embarrassingly did, yup, that’s me realizing what I’d done, below), and turn the key. You don’t hear anything, but the engine is on.

Twizy Test Drive at LeWeb

And off we go! It’s fun to drive. You can actually accelerate!

Twizy Test Drive 1060890.jpg

Twizy Test Drive 1060887.jpg

Photos are a bit blurry? That’s because I was moving fast. The guy on the left told me to slow down, oopsie 🙂

Twizy Test Drive 1060886.jpg

Already over, but I enjoyed myself!

Twizy Test Drive 1060893.jpg

Twizy Test Drive 1060895.jpg

Thanks a lot for the drive! I think that if I have a car again someday, it will look more like this one than like those I’ve had in the past.

One thought on “Renault at LeWeb: Lovely Lounge and the Twizy Test Drive [en]

  1. It is very funny but elegant and beautiful car Twizy, what caught the attention and I like that car is the model, I would like the black car with blue stripes.
    I’d like a brand new car that probably should be fun and unique.
    He looks great photos when the car is premiering that if he liked the car.
    Thanks for sharing the post is very good and fun.

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