Gmail Storage Space Problem: Account Blocked, Wrong Numbers [en]

[fr] Problème de quota Gmail.

I’ve been sitting here for an hour with Elisabeth trying to figure out what the deal is with her Gmail storage. Here’s the story:

  • 10 days or so ago, Gmail tells her she’s used up 101% of her storage quota, blocks outgoing e-mail
  • she goes back and deletes lots of old e-mails, attachments and all (years of e-mail) but the quote indicator and message inviting her to get more storage doesn’t change
  • she empties the trash and waits 24 hours or so; still nothing; however, when she follows the link to buy more storage, the storage indicator there tells her she is now using 30% or so of her quota
  • in desperation, she buys the 25Gb Google Drive storage plan
  • 24 hours later, she notices that the block on outgoing e-mail is lifted and that her storage quote now says 90Gb — but that she is using 13.7Gb of those 90Gb.

I have poked around everywhere I could. She has almost nothing in Google Docs or Google Plus. The trash is indeed empty. The mails are indeed deleted. When we viewed her subscription plan, it indicated she was using 0.01% of her quota — obviously different numbers here.

What on earth is going on? How do we get Gmail to see how much storage she is really using? Any ideas welcome.

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