Second "Back to Blogging" Challenge [en]

[fr] Un court article par jour pendant 10 jours, histoire de reprendre le rythme et de se souvenir qu'écrire un article sur un blog, ça peut être vite fait.

Do you have a blog?

Have you been really bad about blogging of late, like me?

I bring to you, for the second time, a 10-day “Back to Blogging” challenge.

Starting tomorrow (Monday), I will write a short blog post each day. Quick and dirty. Get something out the door. I expect to spend maximum 30 minutes on it.

Feel inspired to join in? Hashtag: #back2blog.

(Last time around I published links to all the posts of the day at the bottom of each article. It took way more time than the actual blogging! If anybody has ideas about how to automate this, I’m all ears.)

The winning team!

75 thoughts on “Second "Back to Blogging" Challenge [en]

  1. Tempting! I’m in!

    Maybe ask people to add the link to the #back2blog tag on their blog in the comments of the recap blog post?

  2. I like the idea of having a direct link to all the posts of the day. Maybe there would be a way of having a form somewhere, where people can add their links for the day, and then a widget (plugin?) or code to copy-paste so we can all easily link to each other? (not quite clear in my head).

    Congrats for signing up for the challenge!

  3. I’m in!

    Twitter seems the best platform to collate the links. However, since they stopped supporting RSS, using it gets a little complicated. Embeddable Timelines seem the simplest solution or using the search API without ever being sure that all the tweets get indexed. Let me know what you think and I may be able to carve out an hour or two to make it happen.

    Thanks for putting this together again 🙂

  4. I’m in, this method as already worked to restart blogging!
    The harder part is to continue after the 10 days.

  5. Je sais que c’est 1 peu tard pour répondre mais je participersais très volontiers.

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