LeWeb'09 is About to Start! [en]

[fr] Me voici à Paris pour la conférence LeWeb. Quelques liens pour suivre la conférence depuis chez vous!

Here I am, sitting in the 104 in Paris, surrounded by a big gaggle of geeky bloggers plugged into the ethernet cables kindly provided at the little tables near the stage.

It’s going to get crazy really soon, so here are a few pointers for those of you who want to follow things as they unfold:

And if you see a mad Scotsman in a kilt at the conference, ask him to show you his latest toy, the PsiXpda! (I just went “ooh” and “aah” and “ooooh” while he was showing it to me.)

(I will tell you later about my arrival in Paris, and escaping the metro to find myself in a huge cloud of smoke, in the middle of a crowd, with CRS cops cordoning off the streets all around…)

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