One thought on “CTTS Upgraded, Jetpacked, and Roboted [en]

  1. Your website is rather old and has a high trustrank level. On top of that it’s so full of content that you are one of the few persons that cannot really fear the duplicate content.

    It has always seemed to me “too much” to restrict from categories AND tags AND archives. Archives in general are the most senseless way of organizing an content (which means semantical on the page might be difficult), categories and tags… well it depends of the content. On my blogs, tags can have very few articles, so I block them, but categories always have a lot of article, so I don’t block them.
    One useful feature is to use the “description” and print it on top of the category archive page

    Finally, speaking of plugin, I happily replaced Google Sitemap AND AIOSEO with WordPress SEO by Yoast… you should have a look 🙂

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