Lift11: Jennifer Gay, Google Translate, Skype conferencing, and the future of my career! [en]

[fr] Notes de la conférence Lift11 à Genève.

Live and India-lagged notes from the Lift11 Conference in Geneva. Might contain errors and personal opinions. Use the comments if you spot nasty errors.

Crazy conference interpretor. *steph-note: speaks really fast!!* Also is a translator.

You can’t read as fast as you can hear.

Google translate back and forth: interpreters become performers, and something else disappears.

Competition for translators: Google translate.

  1. approximate, instantaneous, free
  2. accurate, elegant, next week, 500$

Glups. People choose 1.

That said, interpreters have always been dependent on technology. Cables etc. Channels in parallel. Also need to evolve with their time.

*steph-note: very fast-talking!*

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