Lift11: Jennifer Magnolfi, Programming space habitat [en]

[fr] Notes de la conférence Lift11 à Genève.

Live and India-lagged notes from the Lift11 Conference in Geneva. Might contain errors and personal opinions. Use the comments if you spot nasty errors.

Integration of technology in space habitats. Human Space Flight Program. Currently: extend human presence beyond low-earth orbit. So, the Moon, and long-duration stays on the Moon, and then Mars.

So, beyond 2-3 days: real habitation.

Exploring different kinds of designs. In the same mass of packing volume, you can have different solutions.

Architectural concepts and operational concepts.

Incremental expansion of human space exploration capabilities.

This is now not just about surviving in space, but about living. 2.5 years of mission.

*steph-note: tired/headache tuned out, but there is a whole area of work about designing spaces people can live in for long-term missions*

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