Somesso Startups [en]

  • Kyte: is kyte still a startup? Nokia are using Kyte as an internal video tool.
  • Amazee: social collaboration platform
  • Cassiber: idea management software, ranking ideas and feedback
  • shiftTHINK: social network data analysis
  • Zemanta: blog assistant, context recommendations when blogging
  • Headshift: (when did Headshift become a startup? I love you guys, but you’ve been around too long to be called that, imho.)
  • Nimbuzz: aggregating VoiP, IM, chat, presence
  • Winkwaves (via skype):
  • Mediaclipping (via skype):

steph-note: no offense, but after Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin, I think I’m sick of hearing about startups. We seem to be going over and over and over the same things again. Of course each one has a unique twist and looks cool, but there are so many of them and none really stand out or jump at me in a “oh my god this is what the world needs” way.

steph-note: good job with the questions, Peter!

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