Night Jewellery [en]

An express survey for the readers of this weblog.

[fr] Chers amis lecteurs, retirez-vous votre quincaillerie (comprenez: "vos bijoux si vous en avez") pour dormir?

14 thoughts on “Night Jewellery [en]

  1. It probably depends on your personal relationship with jewellery, that is, whether you consider it an extension of yourself or something you just wear. I suspect you fall in the former category, at least on an unconscious level.
    Of course, it’s not always one or the other. My wife, for example, never removes her wedding ring but takes her thumb ring off every night. One is just a jewel, the other is a symbol, and they are treated as such.

  2. I never wear any jewel, day or night, except my wristwatch (but I don’t think that counts…).

  3. Not that I am much of one for jewellery or watches, but yes, I remove that which I wear before going to bed. Some kind of thing about breaking it or strangling myself I guess 🙂

  4. Moi non plus je n’enlève pas mes bijoux pour dormir, pour la bonne raison que je n’en possède pas!
    Je dors sans montre car je dors!

  5. I never wear any jewellery (heck, I’m not a girl for chrissake…), but I do wear a wristwatch (that’s the Swiss for you). Which I nearly always remove at night because:
    – it ticks
    – for some reason, I always get the feeling that my watch is tighter at night. I wonder if there’s a scientific explanation for this. Something to do with having more blood in your arms when you lie down… or whatever. But it’s probably psychosomatic.

  6. I remove my watch at night. I have no other jewellery on me. The only time I don’t remove my watch is when I’m travelling overnight (on a train or plane), and there’s nowhere convenient to put it.

  7. Du temps où je portais un anneau d’argent à  l’annulaire droit, mon dernier geste le soir était de le retirer. J’ai du mal à  imaginer qu’on puisse être détendu et trouver le sommeil avec de la quincaillerie sur soi.

    Maintenant dans le cas de figure où il y a quelqu’un d’autre sous la couette, la présence de bijou est-elle un plus ou un moins ? (Je penche pour le moins, mais je nefais que lancer le débat…)

  8. I remove all. Jewellery and wristwatch. I don’t sleep really well with things like that on me. But more important, I can’t sleep with socks on. I need my feet to be naked in order to sleep well. If I wear socks, I usually wake up in the middle of the night, sweating like… too much. 🙂 Eeek! :p

  9. The only jewelry I have is my wedding ring. I used to take it off at night. But in February, when I was on holidays alone, I kept wearing it at night to remind me of my wife and kids (yes, horribly romantic, I know). Since then I almost never take it off at all.

  10. I usually keep them on, except when it bothers the person next to me ;), or when the weather is too hot and I can’t stand it touching my skin.

    It would be a bother to remove it before going to bed, because I’m sleepy, I don’t want to spend time on this, and I may lose it somewhere behind the table because I’m clumsy with my eyes half closed. ^^;

    (sorry for the late comment…)

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