Frozen Ramble [en]

Lausanne-Zürich train, 10 a.m.

I sometimes get the feeling I spend my life being cold and hungry. They go together usually — one of the first signs of hunger is that I start freezing.

I’ve been in the train for two hours now, finished my book (About a Boy), and covered with goosebumps. Why does the A/C have to be set to winter-temperature when the air outside is as hot as it is? I’ll probably have to stop somewhere in Zürich to buy a jacket if I want to survive the trip home this evening. To say nothing of the day in the office, which has been called “The Fridge” in my mind for quite some time now.

One of the reasons I’m writing this is that I switched on the laptop with the hope that it would give out a bit of warmth. It gets really hot on my lap at times. Not now, of course. It’s behaving like car heating: I guess I’ll start feeling the heat once we enter Zürich station.

Some time from now, I might be provided with a wireless network connection for work. Just think about it! Internet on the train 🙂

You can probably be thankful I don’t write this kind of ramble more often, it’s turning out really lame. My brain hasn’t woken up yet.

Maybe a life update? I’ll be on holidays next week. I’ve been wanting holidays for ages. Now that they’re here, I’m going to spend them trying to translate a Hindi short story by Premchand, because I did my usual thing of waiting until it was too late before getting to work. (No, please don’t ask.) I did have a vague plan to go off somewhere exciting, but it didn’t happen; my last chances of escaping my sad fate as a future-ex-étudiante-éternelle have just drowned somewhere in the ocean. Maybe Aleika will come over a few days. That would be nice, as we haven’t seen each other in ages.

We’re in Zürich. Out of the freezer.

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