Drained Ramble [en]

Zürich-Lausanne train, 5:30 p.m.

Back in the fridge. Luckily, the carriage is packed with warm bodies and I actually did buy myself a jacket in Zürich station on arriving this morning. Quite a nice black jacket too; I’d been wanting one for some time now.

My brain has melted. Trips to Zürich are always nice, but intense. I had a crash course in forecasting and scheduling. I’ll probably be needing more once I get over this first bit.

Back to the “lifelog”? I went to see Hero last night at the Open Air cinema. Beautiful visuals, heroic story, choregraphed fighting scenes. I’ve been to the Open Air a lot this year. I’ll be going again on Wednesday.

The laptop is nice and warm on my knees now, just how I would have liked it this morning. I had to take my jacket off a few minutes ago — body heat seems efficient for countering A/C. Or maybe it’s because this is another type of carriage, which at least doesn’t spout cold air just next to the seats.

This being possibly one of the most boring things I’ve ever written, I think I’ll stop right here and avoid inflicting upon you the rest of the journey to Lausanne. I’d rather advise you to take a peek at what my brother has to say about Argentina, which he will be visiting for the next six weeks.

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