Crop Circles [en]

Have you seen the movie Signs? Do, it’s a good one. A bit more scary than expected, though.

Actually, I’m not here to tell you about the movie, but to throw you some tidbits on crop circles. Crop circles are strange geometrical designs which appear overnight in fields.

Various theories try to explain their origin. As far as I’m concerned, Occam’s Razor rules in this case, and I vote for a perfectly human (albeit maybe somewhat mischievious) origin.

The Scientific American has published a very interesting article in which a crop circle maker tells us how he goes about the job.

For more insight from the makers, visit circlemakers – a comprehensive website devoted to the art and craft of crop circle making. Visit the beautiful photo gallery. Read Trickster, a long but interesting article on the history of crop circles and an analysis of the various beliefs surrounding them. I recommend printing it out.

[Thanks to Martine for pointing out the Scientific American article some time back.]

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  1. Am I to understand that Signs is showing in Swiss theaters already? Before France? Naah, the
    French government wouldn’t allow that. I’ll assume that you saw the movie in the UK. 😉

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