Milan-Mumbai, Time Unknown [en]

Scenes from the airplane.

The sea below looks like a piece of cloth, delicately textured by the waves.

I forgot all about taking my Lonely Planet guide with me. Actually, ‘forgot’ is not the correct word, as it seems to imply that I intended to bring it along at some point. It just never even crossed my mind. I wonder if I’ll miss it.

Each time I fly to India (I can say ‘each time‘ now, can’t I?), I catch myself wondering about the pieces of land we are flying over. I look at snowy mountains and plains, at strips of land squeezed tight between the seas. I wish I had a better map of the world in my head. I wish I knew the route the plane was flying.

We’ve been flying above the sea for a long time now, and the sun is shining bright. A nice change after cold and rainy Switzerland.