Security Fail (Big Time) [en]

[fr] Quand on dit que les questions de sécurité sont le maillon faible... Voici un exemple magnifique en action. Visiblement implémenté par quelqu'un n'ayant à disposition qu'un demi-cerveau.

Sometimes I come across stuff online that makes me really mad. Like this:

Security Question Weak Link

And it gets better (yeah, they tell you this after you’ve tried defining your password, of course):

Oh yeah, ask stupid security questions and be tough on your password criteria

Honestly, what were they thinking?! Answer: they weren’t thinking. This was clearly designed by somebody with half a brain. And approved by somebody with half a brain.

This is the online equivalent of putting three locks on your door and leaving the window wide open just next to it.

Anybody with about 5 minutes to spare can easily find my answer to any of these three “secret questions” (aha!) by digging around a bit online.

This is just plain STUPID.