Security Fail (Big Time) [en]

[fr] Quand on dit que les questions de sécurité sont le maillon faible... Voici un exemple magnifique en action. Visiblement implémenté par quelqu'un n'ayant à disposition qu'un demi-cerveau.

Sometimes I come across stuff online that makes me really mad. Like this:

Security Question Weak Link

And it gets better (yeah, they tell you this after you’ve tried defining your password, of course):

Oh yeah, ask stupid security questions and be tough on your password criteria

Honestly, what were they thinking?! Answer: they weren’t thinking. This was clearly designed by somebody with half a brain. And approved by somebody with half a brain.

This is the online equivalent of putting three locks on your door and leaving the window wide open just next to it.

Anybody with about 5 minutes to spare can easily find my answer to any of these three “secret questions” (aha!) by digging around a bit online.

This is just plain STUPID.

5 thoughts on “Security Fail (Big Time) [en]

  1. Agreed! And it’s quite more common than we would like it to be… Although I’ve seen less insecure ones: “your first pet’s name”… hum 😉

    Half a brain but with time to spare: why the “no other symbols”??

  2. For security questions like these, I usually type in something totally ridiculous. I find the answers to security questions to be way easier to hack than my actual password. Plus I’m more likely to give away something such as my mother’s maiden name to a phishing scheme as opposed to giving up my password. Huge fail.

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