The Aggregator Lag [en]

[fr] A cause de Google Reader qui m'a servie une version "non rectifiée" de ce billet de danah, j'ai failli contribuer à propager des informations fausses, et ça m'énerve. Ça m'énerve surtout quand (en l'occurence) la technologie vient nous mettre des bâtons dans les roues.

This bugs me. It bugs me because it’s a situation where the technology which is normally supposed to assist us in communicating actually gets in the way of good communication. It’s even worse, actually: here, a technological issue could invite us to spread false information.

(Of course, there is a human issue behind this, but it’s not what I want to address here. Humans can make mistakes, and as long as they are honestly made, I think we should just accept that they happen.)

I just read danah’s last post in Google Reader and headed to [the Facebook group]( she was pointing to so I could get a little more information on the current situation.

Post in Google Reader

There, I found a message which indicated that [FaceBook had never sent the ArabLGTB group]( the message they had received. It was, in fact, a fake.

"We have been fooled"

Well, I thought I’d better [comment about that on danah’s post](, so I headed over to her blog. There, to my surprise (happy surprise), I saw she had already updated her post.

Post on apophonia

The update just hadn’t made it to Google Reader.

So of course, there is nothing extraordinary going on here. This story is just another case of misinformation spread by good intentions (and I’m thinking mainly about all the people who blogged about this on their LiveJournals and will never know it was not true — or bother finding out). But I’m annoyed that I almost got caught in it too, and that I always forget that we can’t trust aggregators to serve us the latest version of a post.

Check, check, check. When in doubt, don’t blog. (That’s for me.)

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Chasse aux fautes [fr]

[en] Hunting for spelling horrors in my daily life. Not very interesting if you don't speak French.

Allez, j’inaugure une nouvelle série de billets un peu ludiques: la [chasse aux fautes]( d’orthographe dans les affiches, vitrines, menus, bref, toutes les publications qui estropient allègrement notre belle langue française.

Je sais que mon niveau d’orthographe a joliment chuté depuis la fin du gymnase, mais cela n’empêche pas que j’ai l’oeil qui frise quand il se pose sur certaines horreurs. Fini de souffrir en silence, dénonçons publiquement les coupables, suivant les traces de [Fautes de français](! Voici celui d’aujourd’hui:

Chasse aux fautes

Cliquez sur la photo, et si vous avez un compte Flickr, vous pourrez annoter la photo pour indiquer vos trouvailles.

Et oui, très certainement, vu que je parle d’orthographe, vous trouverez au moins une coquille dans ce billet. Certains le savent, j’écris généralement mes textes d’une traite et je ne relis même pas avant de publier. Vilaine.

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