Tomorrow (Sat.): WoWiPAD 3! (World Wide Paperwork and Administrivia Day) [en]

[fr] Demain, samedi, journée internationale de la paperasse et de l'administratif. On s'y met tous ensemble, chacun chez soi bien entendu, mais on se soutien moralement. Vous voulez vous joindre au mouvement? Il suffit de laisser un mot et d'annoncer publiquement que vous serez de la partie!

Still Needs to Go... Tomorrow, I need to deal with my taxes. So, no “working”, but paperwork. As I’ve done in the past, I’ve found a few other similar-spirited people, and we’ll all chug along at our respective paperwork tasks during the day, supporting each other through Twitter, Seesmic, and the knowledge that we’re not alone that day doing this kind of drudge work.

That’s WoWiPAD (3rd!), or as some prefer, the Administrivia Day. You do it at home or in the office (depending on where your long-suffering paperwork is), from roughly 9-6 in your timezone.

If you want to join me, Delphine, Pivwan, Peter, Baud and Richard leave a note or send a tweet, and I’ll add you to our roster of courageous WoWiPADers! All you need to do to be “in” is to publicly state that you will be 🙂

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Update: I just created a WoWiPAD livecommunity on six groups. Go sign up there, and use #wowipad/#wowipad3 in your tweets to have them appear there. I wrote a post on the Going Solo blog about how to use six groups, it’ll help get you started.

WoWiPAD1 and WPD2 News [en]

[fr] Le deuxième Website Pro Day aura lieu ce vendredi à Lausanne. Nous sommes 4, il y a de la place pour encore une ou deux personnes si bosser sur le canapé ne vous dérange pas.

Quant au World Wide Paperwork and Administrivial Day (WoWiPAD, le jour consacré à faire un sort à sa paperasse, chacun chez soi) le 2 janvier, je suis épatée: une dizaine de personnes se proposent de participer à cette opération de solidarité! Joignez-vous à nous. Si vous n'avez pas de compte Facebook, il suffit de laisser un mot dans les commentaires.

As dates are drawing nearer, a short update on both the first World Wide Paperwork and Administrivia Day (WoWiPAD) and the second Website Pro Day (WPD). (See my previous post about these two initiatives for background information.)

WPD2 Lausanne will take place this Friday. Ollie, Julien, Anne-Paule, Carlos and myself will spend the day (9am-6pm approx) at Julien’s place working on our professional websites. So far, no other sister-events have been announced, but I still have hope! (If you’re in Lausanne and would like to join us, we probably have space for an extra person or two, if you don’t mind working on the couch.)

WoWiPAD (renamed following Greg‘s suggestion) will take place all over the world (yes!) on January 2nd, 9am-6pm approx (local times). So far, 10 people have confirmed their participation on Facebook. Join us! (If you don’t use Facebook, you can sign up in the comments of this post.) I’m thinking about opening a temporary IRC channel for the day, to help give some sense of connection to the various people participating (though of course, we don’t sit in it chatting, we’ll be hacking away at our paperwork.)

Who’s in?