Culture Shock and Virus [en]

When I started writing about my indian experience (it was a question of survival at the time) I jotted down a lot of notes about my culture shock. A compilation of all the little cultural differences that I noticed during my first weeks. Taken separately, these little things seem what they are – little. Together, they add up to create a big nasty shaking feeling: the so-called culture shock.

I was using Internet Cafés at that time (there were lots of them!), and at one point all my diskettes stopped working. That was after had deleted the first version of my site, and Mythun‘s hard drive with all my backup data on it crashed.

Now that I’ve finally laid a hand on the culture shock notes I had managed to type up, my beloved anti-virus program started flashing and blinking and beeping (well no, it didn’t do that, since I don’t have a soundcard) – in short, telling me the file is infected. I cleaned it, and you can look forward to some more reading in a couple of days. Thank you, Inoculate PE!

Maybe that explains one or two things… hmm. Well, while you wait or run your anti-viruses, I’m going back to my greek philosophers.

India [en]

I feel an itch to write about India. All these classes on Indian culture at university are bringing me back there.

There are so many things I have to say.

For a start, here is what I have been telling people these last three (heavens!) months when they ask me the usual questions.

So, how was the trip? Tell me about it!

I must admit I’m sick of hearing this question. And as university has just started, I’m again meeting a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen in over a year and who are impatient for news.

The trip was overall a very positive experience but the first three months were really hard… >>>

Would you say India is “behind” the West?

As much as I would like to be able to say that cultures are not to be hierarchically classified, and that they are all equal, but different, my experience of India has somewhat disturbed this position. Let me explain… >>>