Sunday CD's #2 [en]

5 CD’s in my CD rack: Blue Touches Blue by Noa, One Day At A Time by Joan Baez, Bienvenue chez moi by Florent Pagny, Southside by Texas, and Ricky Martin (album by the same name).

Sorry for letting you down last week, I was busy showing these two frenchmen around.

Here we go:

Noa: Blue Touches Blue (playing)
My sister gave me this CD (for my birthday?) a few years back. I own three Noa CD’s, and this is the one I’ve listened to least (although there are some nice songs on it). I put it in the CD player about an hour ago before taking my bath, and I’m listening to it now.
Ricky Martin: Ricky Martin
I discovered Ricky Martin during my year in India, as a couple of his songs were regularly playing on the music TV channels I watched — I enjoyed drooling in front of the TV set while he danced. I particularly like Livin’ La Vida Loca and (even more) Private Emotion, but I’ve hardly really listened to the CD in its entirety.
Texas: Southside
One of the first CD’s I got when I was a teenager. Listened to it quite a lot for some time (actually, I’m going to put it in my CD player right now, I haven’t listened to it for years!) I played the drums in a vague school band at the time (we tried to get something going for the 10th school anniversary, but dropped it after three months or so), and I remember we were preparing I Don’t Want a Lover.
Joan Baez: One Day At A Time
Well, although this one spends a lot of time in my CD rack, it isn’t actually mine — it’s my father’s (maybe I should give it back one of these days *ahem*). A long-time favourite, Joan Baez having been my first “favourite singer”. I’ve listened to it a lot again these last few years (it regularly finds it way back into the CD player).
Florent Pagny: Bienvenue chez moi
I was a teenager when Florent Pagny arrived on the French music scene with the song N’importe quoi. Over the years, I heard more songs from him, and I’m clearly impressed by his vocal skills (he had training in classical singing). This CD is a best-of with a couple of unreleased songs on it, and as far as I can tell from the little green sticker on the cover, it must have been part of a discount sale. It’s not a CD that I listen to regularly, but I’ve had my phases with it.

Five more next week!

Sunday CD's #1 [en]

Five CD’s I own: Live in Dublin by Chris de Burgh, Dil Chahta Hai soundtrack, Asia (eponym album), Rebel by John Miles, and Stereotomy by The Alan Parsons Project. More next week!

Stephanie made me notice yesterday that she had not really figured out what music I liked. In a sudden surge of inspiration, I had an idea for a little game I’m going to play with you these next weeks. Feel free to copy and repeat for yourself!

I’ll try to pick 5 CD’s out of my CD-rack each Sunday (the one currently in my CD player and four more as randomly as possible, with my eyes closed). I’ll list them and tell you in a few words why I have this CD in my CD-rack, if I listen to it a lot, how much I like it — in short, what it means to me. In other words, this amounts to using my CD collection to give you a little insight into my musical tastes, history and culture.

So here goes, 5 CD’s for today:

Chris de Burgh: High on Emotion — Live from Dublin (playing)
This is one of the last batch of 5€ CD’s I ordered at Amazon after Christmas. Chris de Burgh was my second “favorite singer” when I was ten or so (after Joan Baez). We had lots of Chris de Burgh LP’s and cassettes at my parents, which I left behind as I moved out, and now (thanks to Amazon) I’m re-building my collection. I like Live albums in general, so I picked this one up — and I don’t regret it.
Dil Chahta Hai soundtrack
During my previous trip to India, I went to see one hindi movie: Dil Chahta Hai. As usual, I bought the soundtrack as a souvenir. I remember I used to listen to it a lot when I started work just after the trip, and it still makes me India-nostalgic when I listen to it. There are some really nice songs on it (like the title song of course, and I have a soft spot for “Tanhayee” — and Sonu Nigam’s voice.)
Asia: Asia
This is another album I picked out of my father’s extensive LP collection when I was a (pre-)teenager. Probably I heard him playing it once, and noted I liked it. I used to play the LP in the kitchen when I was cleaning up after evening meals. I made myself a cassette with my father’s two Asia LP’s, and listened to it in my room a lot. I bought the CD recently (in one of those “cheap CD” boxes in a store) for historical reasons, and I listen to it every now and again.
John Miles: Rebel
I just love the song “Music” (another one I discovered through my father’s LP’s) and bought the CD just for that song, in another “cheap CD” box. I’m not sure I’ve ever listened to the whole album since I bought it. But I own it 🙂
The Alan Parsons Project: Stereotomy
Yet another out of my father’s collection and my teenage years (they all seem to come out from there, don’t they?) I haven’t listened to it for ages, but I really like all the songs on it. When I was in Gymnase (the swiss equivalent of High School), I had it on a cassette with “Eye on the Sky” and used to listen to it on my walkman, during one cold Lausanne winter.

That’s it for today, folks! Today’s choice gives the impression that all my musical culture comes from my father’s LP collection (not entirely wrong, but not entirely right either), and that I buy all my CD’s at discount prices (pretty correct, actually — I go on CD-shopping binges when they are anywhere below the normal presposterous prices.)