Lift09 – David Rose – How Fiction Shapes the Future [en]

Lift09 056

Persistant needs/wishes fantasies:

  • to know
  • to communicate
  • to heal
  • to protect
  • to create
  • for mobility

Inspirations for where to advance.


To know the truth. Invention and fiction.

  • Marsden (?): here were no cultural icons representing strong women => WonderWoman, with lasso of truth. In its snare, you have to tell the truth.
  • Snow White: mirror mirror on the wall…
  • Conlin: Alexander Crystal seer.
  • Wizard of Oz.

Single pixel browser. Orb. Ambient objects: between push and pull. Skiing conditions, gardening, weather forecast…

Watches are a pretty mature object, but angular perception is not very ambient. (steph-note: I think I may have got that wrong, lots of examples of angular displacement devices.)

Lift09 050

Fridges are a great place to diplay stuff. They’re already expensive, so easy to add an extra screen or something.

Exposing customers to energy prices flattens the demand curve.

Showing us a device with proximity sensor: from far away you see the cross-room view of the weather forecast, and as you get closer, you see more detailed views. (steph-note: wow!)

Lift09 052


Photo frame with presence sensor, and squeeze sensor.

Internet-connected pillcap. Ordering refills. Escalating alerts to take the pills. Share on facebook (I’m on something and I’m doing well). Rewards! Medical records!

Lift09 055


Phasers on stun on Star Trek. Exploring brave new worlds without harming anyone.

Ambient umbrella!!


Robots would give you time to be creative. Roomba!

Painting with a digital brush that picks up color from your environment! (great video)

Guitar Hero.


Flying carpet. Drive in the smart lane, GPS. Marauder’s Map = GPS combined with Google Latitude. Tracking busses in SF.