You Should Twitter [en]

[fr] A découvrir absolument, Twitter, un service au croisement du moblogging et de la messagerie instantanée. Inscrivez-vous et essayez! Je vois du potentiel ici pour les adolescents, dans le sens où ça permet de s'envoyer des SMS sans devoir donner à l'autre son numéro de mobile.

[Twitter]( is a cross between moblogging and instant messaging. You can send messages by SMS or by IM and they are displayed on [your page]( “Here’s mine.”).

In addition to that, [people who have chosen to “follow” you]( “My followers (!)”) get updates by IM or SMS. It’s easy to add/remove a person from those you are following using the [mobile lingo](

I see great things for this product once they implement groups and allow some granularity regarding privacy (ie, stuff only for my friends, stuff only for my family, stuff only for my co-workers, public stuff, stuff for my girlsfriends). I already see the potential of Twitter as an SMS anonymizer (think teenagers and dating sites).

Go and [grab an account](, register your cell number (if it works with a Swiss phone number, it should work with anything!) and start [twittering]( “All the public twitters.”)! You can even try to [ping Technorati with your new TwitterBlog]( But can you claim it, [Mr. Marks](

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