Radio Silence, Going to be Busy [en]

It’s going to be silent around here the coming week:

  • exams for the first batch of SAWI students who followed the social media and online communities course I co-direct (that means 10 30-page reports to grade by Wednesday)
  • Tuesday 14th evening, info session for said course, 2011-2012 class, in Lausanne (please spread the word)
  • still selecting bloggers for the Solar Impulse blogger breakfast in Paris, June 24th (with Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg) — word spreading appreciated too 😉
  • the plane seems set to fly from Brussels to Paris tomorrow night (6pm to 2am) — stay updated through the Solar Impulse site (and @solarimpulse) and follow the flight live on the site!
  • oh, a judo exam next Saturday (not my exam, but I’m one of the actors ;-)) — that means lots of training next week
  • a talk to give next Monday, then heading off to Paris for Salon le Bourget!

I don’t like being this busy, but things are going to calm down come July.