Swiss Bloggers: Want To Go To OrangeCinema (ZH, BE, BS)? [en]

[fr] OrangeCinema! C'est dans les villes de Zurich, Berne, et Bâle -- et dans le cadre de mon mandat "blogueurs" avec Orange, on a monté une opération sympa pour blogueurs cinéphiles. Si vous connaissez des blogueurs dans ces villes qui pourraient être tentés par devenir "blogueur officiel" durant OrangeCinema ("all-access pass", billets gratuits, et plein d'autres trucs sympas) faites-leur passer ce billet!

As you may know, I’m currently working with Orange to assist and advise them in the field of blogger relations. This means that we work on cool offers/programmes for bloggers.

Our first pilot was around Caprices Festival — a music festival in Crans: we offered a press pass and other perks to a couple of bloggers so they could attend the whole festival for free. We’re really happy with the way it turned out, and we’re now focusing on OrangeCinema, which takes place over the summer in the Swiss German cities of Zürich, Bern, and Basel.


Clearly I should be writing this post in German, as this is an offer mainly for Swiss-German bloggers, but my German sucks terribly and I wouldn’t want to inflict it on my dear readers.

If you’re an established film-loving blogger or podcaster, and you’d jump at the chance to receive an all-access pass to OrangeCinema and blog about it like crazy, check out the form below and apply to be an Official OrangeCinema Blogger.


Blogmeet in Basel [en]

A week-end in Basel, and a blogmeet there. Thoughts, links, and comments.

[fr] Compte-rendu de la rencontre de blogueurs suisse-allemands à  Bâle. C'était chouette!

Matthias calls it the biggest blogmeet in Switzerland, but one of the journalists who were there counted 14 bloggers. Only fourteen?! Hey, we were 14 last month in Lausanne! (A long year ago, we were only 13 to meet in Vevey…)

Anyway, leaving numbers aside, I spent a nice week-end in Basel and a nice Saturday evening meeting some Swiss-German bloggers. I’d been wanting to do that for some time (you know how important languages and language barrier issues are to me), and the occasion seemed perfect, as it was during the school holidays.

My first impression was that the webloggers present were on the whole older than the bunch of us who meet up in Lausanne. I think it’s a good thing. (I felt like a “young ‘un” there.) Maybe it’s because I couldn’t follow all the conversations (my German is way too rusty), but I got the feeling that the atmosphere was less confrontational and more collaborative-cosy than what I’d experienced until then.

Three journalists were present, and although I don’t mind speaking to journalists, I did find that they stole the show somewhat (I plead guilty, by the way). The focus shifts way too easily from “meeting other bloggers and talking with them” to “talking with the journalists”. It’s normal, nothing wrong about it, but it makes me think it would be wiser to keep journalists out of blogmeets (especially when they are small blogmeets), and maybe organise “bloggers meet journalists” events, if there is need for such a thing.

While I’m at it, this is an official request for a Matt-meet. I know Heather and Ben were looking forward to meeting him. As for me… heck, I’ve been trying to meet the guy for years!

So, Matt — suggest a date?