Kitty Story [en]

One lady living in the same building as me is complaining that Bagha climbs onto her balcony.
I had a very agressive phone call from her a couple of days back, and very unpleasant talk yesterday morning. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with it, she doesn’t want to do anything or suggest anything, she just wants me to keep my cat from coming on her balcony.

She has cats. She knows that I can’t just say “Bagha, bad boy, keep away from this lady’s balcony!”. She knows I came to live here so that my cat could wander around in the green.
Bagha is a curious chap and he’s quite smart at getting at places. I saw him climbing down the balcony yesterday, and I must say it’s quite a feat.
I think she just needs to be at war with somebody.
Bagha came back wet on the back, this morning. I suspect she emptied a jug of water on him.

Anyway. I’m mad at her, and I’ve written a very nice letter to the estate management (or whatever you call “them” in English) asking if the branch of the bush he climbs on can be shortened a bit.

As an aside, even if this is an aspect of swiss life that I loathe (interfering, complaining, aggressive neighbours), it is not one that can be avoided by going on exile to India.
Aleika had similar trouble in India with the same Bagha: “Your cat must not come in the canteen, Madam!”

What a pity some people can’t complain nicely.

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Web vs. Life [en]

At times, I feel like Jo that the web sucks me away from my life.
Probably, of course, because I let myself be sucked in (I believe we have a responsability in what we live).

Do you experience anything similar? I’d like to hear you on this one.

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Pour tous les petits suisses qui aterrissent ici, n’oubliez pas l’incontournable pour toute information sur la phone folie.

Comparatifs entre les opérateurs, tarifs détaillés, forum et bulletin d’informations.
Choisissez informés!

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Spam [en]

Here is one email address you should always have with you – forward unsollicited spam to it:
[email protected]
picked up at the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

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Online Relationships [en]

Search Requests [en]

When I look at my referrer logs, I’m often surprised at the number of people who land on my logbook by making Google searches.
Some people search for glass bangles. Others for madam tulsi. Others type sari wearing, ywca new+delhi india, or khoobsurat lyrics.

Nothing very funny up till now, you’ll say.

I kept the best for last.
Just minutes ago, somebody had landed on this page by searching wet sari sex.
Here is the exerpt from my page:

TaraStar – Logbook : Adventures in India (Danielle)
… had many occasions to interact with the opposite sex). … that I had made a terrible mistake. The wet sari and petticoat were catching on my legs, and the …

You’ll have to admit it is a trifle misleading.
I hope that I haven’t been rated as “adult content” – though that might get me a few extra hits… hehee…

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India Web [en]

This post started out small, but it is turning out to be a rather lengthy collection of India travel related links… : )

I did some research with Google and bumped into a number of sites containing travel logs (travelogues) of India.
I spent some time skimming through them. I read things I can relate to, others I disagree on. Some I know to be right, some I know to be wrong. But never mind. They all tell of a human experience similar to mine.
Almost all of them have pictures – but they load slowly, I must say.
Have a look for yourself!

India travelogues

Of course, it could go on for ever. Some meta-links:

This is not a “quality” listing. I haven’t explored each site in-depth. It is more of a starting point – but in any case, all the links presented here seemed to be promising in some way.

Awaiting your comments!

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Halloween [en]

Tonight is Halloween.

Five years ago, Switzerland had barely heard of this weird witch-party so popular in the States.
Three years back, the cauldron started simmering, and this year it is coming up to a boil. People dressed up, kids running around asking for sweets (even two weeks ago!) and lotsa lotsa Halloween stuff to buy in the shops.

I used to celebrate Halloween when I was a kid of the Commonwealth American School. But somehow grinning pumpkins don’t seem to fit in here.
Especially when they seem to be but another excuse to increase consumerism.

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Back [en]

Here I am, finally – cat sprawled over my knees, dog curled up under the table, and computer humming on the table. Lots of cables, CD-ROMs and papers lying all over the place, and the modem is perched on my ironing table about two metres away, but it works: I’m online.

All the places I used to visit regularly two months ago have continued living a life of their own. Even the statistics of my little site tell me that people other than me actually do visit it.
I didn’t miss the web when I was “offline”. I did wonder every now and again about what was going on there, without me. But finally, when you’re not there, you’re not there – life goes on and cyberspace seems more and more distant.

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Persistent [en]

Bagha insists on drinking water out of the toilets.

I’ve tried everything, but all he does is tell me that if we use drinking water to flush our toilets, why shouldn’t he drink it?

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