Birmingham franco [en]

Une petite note à  l’intention des francophones égarés à  Birmingham, qui regrettent la piètre qualité de la cuisine anglaise (capable de produire des abérrations telles que “baguette fourrée de poulet baignant dans lait de coco à  l’aneth”) et dont le palais aimerait retrouver quelques saveurs plus familières.

Chez Jules (off New Street) vous propose un assortiment de bons petits plats tout à  fait français. Et même très bons. Et même pas chers.

En prime, vous avez droit au serveur qui parle anglais avec un tel accent que l’on passe très vite à  la langue de Molière… ; )

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England [en]

<holiday class="at_last" target="england">
I’m taking off tomorrow morning. Don’t be surprised if this place isn’t updated as often as usual during the coming week – but then, who knows?

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Grandma and Bagha [en]

Each time I sit down to write one of these Life entries, I think of my Grandma. She lives in England – not that far off but still quite far.
My Grandma is over 70 now, and she logs onto the Internet regularly to visit my website. I know that what she looks for are these little (rare) Life entries.

So today I had two rather long phone calls with England. One with my Grandma – who will hopefully soon be fit to fly over and meet my animals – and one with Somak.

Speaking of animals, Somak told me he received an email from IUCAA with a rather intriguing signature:

When you find life is coming down on you, think of Bagha.

Well, Bagha was quite well known in IUCAA – particularly for breaking into people’s fridges and hanging around the canteen. And obviously, the word has spread that he emigrated from India and is now a lucky Swiss citizen. I’m sure he’ll be glad to learn that his fate helps members of the IUCAA staff lift their spirits during the hard times.

I should be going back to India beginning of August. I’m actually starting to miss India. I have cravings for dreadfully hot Marathi food (the kind of stuff I found simply dreadful when I first tasted it).
I will have a Hindi course in Rishikesh again, and I hope to be able to spend a couple of weeks in Pune before that. That means I’m going to have to work hard to get my October exams ready before I leave ; )

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Hired [en]

Orange has just hired me to convert their training manuals to HTML (from Powerpoint).
: )
No further comment needed, I suppose!

Apart from that, I have just come back from a week-end in Birmingham with Somak, Aleika, and Akirno. It was really nice to see them again.
Winter is here, and with it, my exams are approaching fast. That means that I will be spending less hours fiddling with my site and writing sometimes meaningless blog entries, and more time in my books. In some way, I’m looking forward to it.

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Childhood Memories [en]

I flew to England on Thursday, and went to see the house I spent the first two years of my life in.
I could remember the street from my last visit, when I was eight, but not a single thing apart from that.
The neighbours were still the same, and remembered my family. A very sweet old lady had bought the house when my parents moved out, and she was still living there. She invited us in, served us tea and cake.

I couldn`t help but compare myself to Akirno. He is now the age I was when I moved to Switzerland. Will he retain no memories at all of his life in India, and of the eight months I spent living in his family?

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