Pandemic Snippets 1 [en]

I am a stone. At the bottom of the ocean. I do not breathe, I do not move. I just lie there and wait. Wait for nothing to happen. I feel nothing, I think nothing, I am nothing. Just a dead weight, a could-have-been mountain. 

Sometimes a strong current comes and rolls me along. And there I remain again, still and silent at the bottom of the ocean. A nest in the sand bears my weight through the years. I am there. I am, but that is all I am. 

Heavy with my own weight, I have sunk as low as I could. Never changing, never wanting. Seasons pass me by in the silence of nothingness.

Around me life thrives and dies. I do not even have eyes to watch it fly by. There, but not there. An insignificant outsider to all that lives. 

I am a stone, dead weight on the ocean floor, a sinking heart fallen off a drifting ship.

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