Morning Train [en]

I’m swimming in francophonia and it shows on my blog, right? So, today on my morning commute, I’ll write in English.

I’m sick of commuting. As commutes go, my commute is nice. Beautiful views. Clean and quiet Swiss train. Quiet Swiss passengers. 45 minutes uninterrupted from station to station. But it’s a total of 2.5 hours each day that I am spending away from home.

Last Thursday I forgot my bicycle battery again. In a bus, this time. I’d already forgotten it on the train, and just after that, in a corridor at work.

My next job had better be in Lausanne. This one ends on September 30th. The project is going great. Our CMS is in place now and although development is not finished yet, it means I can get busy introducing content into it. It’s a lot of work.

Though I still have time, I’m starting to look for my next job. I updated LinkedIn a little, and am starting to tell people I am looking. Ideally a consultant or project manager position (doesn’t have to be in digital communications but I’m aware that given my strong skills in that area it might be what I’ll find). I’d love to work at facilitating Swiss-Indian work relations — there seems to be a market there for somebody like me who is acquainted with both cultures.

Why consulting? Well, although I can do operational work, to be honest, it’s generally not what I enjoy the most. I know work is not (just!) about enjoying yourself, but there enjoyment, motivation, and performance are linked — at least for me. What I like doing and am good at is analysing situations, solving problems, getting things off the ground, organising, bringing about change, and putting operations in place. Once that is done, I much prefer if I can move on to something else and hand over the project.

So, I’m looking. In Lausanne.

Other than that, my old cat Quintus is doing quite well given his 17 years and various ailments. After being pretty certain I was going to lose him this winter, it’s nice to be able to relax. He remains an old cat and I treasure every extra week we get.

Health wise, I’m clearly over my giardia infection. And I’m really wondering how crazy long I had it, because my digestive system hasn’t been this happy in years. It took me months to be able to reintroduce dairy (and I still haven’t had fondue or raclette) but I seem to have managed. I’m at least far enough along the process now that I’m confident I should be able to deal with dairy like before. I’m also finding that I need less sleep, and cope with short nights much better than I used to.

With that, my back is getting better. Lots of back problems are in fact digestive issues. Well, when giardia stopped bothering me, my back (and hip) clearly started improving. It didn’t prevent me from doing silly things like carry heavy stuff and block my back again, but overall I can see the end of the tunnel. I’m slowly starting to go back to judo.

In the silly news department, I broke my reading glasses yesterday. They just snapped in half. I’ve been wearing them regularly since March and it really makes a difference. I can actually feel my eyes strain as I write this. Tomorrow I’ll go and see what I can find.

I could have put a pile of links in this post but it’s pretty fiddly to do on the iPad, even with an external keyboard. Sorry about that!


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