LeWeb'13: Carmine Gallo, The 3 Unbreakable Laws of Communication [en]

Communication matters! Dan Pink: we’re all in sales now, like it or not.

LeWeb'13, Carmine Goffi

We’re understanding a lot now about how the brain processes communication. The science of persuasion (cf. Carmine’s book “Talk Like TED“).

If you break the three laws, bad things happen. You don’t sell, etc.

Emotional — Novel — Memorable

Ideas that spread are emotional. Touch my heart before you touch my head. Passion leads to mastery. Make sure you’re passionate about what you do, you can’t inspire unless you’re inspired first. Passion is not interest… Passion is your greatest love. You don’t tell your sweetie “Marry me, you are interesting!” (Larry Smith)

Tony Hsieh’s passion isn’t shoes, it’s about delivering happiness. Branson’s love is elevating the customer experience, disrupting the status quo, making the world a better place.

Master storytelling. Remarkable things happen to your brain “on stories”. We connect when we’re told a story. Storytelling is connecting. When I tell you a story, the same areas of our brains light up. We’re in sync. We’re connected.

Novel: teach me something new. Our brains are trained to look for something brilliant and new, the stands out, that looks delicious (Pradeep, The Buying Brain). Jobs was brilliant because he came up with new ways to solve old problems, and he presented those in a new way.

Steve Jobs’ intro of the iPhone: 3 thoughts that were in fact one. That was novel! Expected 3 products, got one.

The brain cannot ignore novelty. Ballard, who discovered the Titanic: you can only inspire when you give people a new way to look at the world. Dopamine activates the brain’s mental save button.

Memorable: none of this matters if I can’t remember what you said. Present content in a way people will remember.

Three techniques:

– picture superiority: speech 10%, add a picture, 65% (use more pictures than words — steph-note: I suck at that)
– stick to the rule of 3: short-term memory can deal with 3 chunks of information. Just give me 3. Three is a powerful technique.
– keep it short. 20 minutes is great. Even less. JFK inspired the nation to look to the stars in 15 minutes. MLK articulated his vision of racial harmony in 17 minutes. Steve Jobs did his commencement speech in under 20 too.

None of this doesn’t matter if you don’t have the courage to stay in your lane, follow your life’s purpose.

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