LeWeb'13 George Colony, The Age of the Customer [en]

20-year business cycle.

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The power of the customer comes from:

– pricing
– shared critiques
– ability to buy anything, anytime, anywhere, from anyone.

1. Pricing.

More and more airline tickets are bought online, but less and less goes to the airlines.

2. Critiques.

Rising numbers of people influenced by ratings/reviews, friends and family, and online reviews.

3. Anywhere.

Buying outside of home country is on the increase.

Gen X, Gen Y. Less TV, more internet, less radio, video games way more, newspapers way less. Cue video of baby/toddler trying to use a magazine like an iPad.

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Mobile mindset: information available anywhere and all the time at your need. Mobile mind shift index 27.9 US average. iPhone 58%! Highest in Asia (China, Hong Kong, India…). UK/France/Germany lowest in Europe. Highest Turkey.

A couple of videos of people putting themselves in danger because they’re glued to their smartphone screens.

According to Forrester the web is becoming the AM radio of digital. Always there, low-cost, but not used.

George walks us through a Boston-Paris trip with the “Mobile Mind Shift”. His systems interface with the taxi driver’s, so he knows where he’s going. His mobile device asks him if he want to leave a tip, guides him through the airport, asks him if he wants a drink, orders his favourite drink… In Paris, doesn’t check into the hotel, gets into the elevator which knows which floor he’s going to, the device tells him which room to go to, and when he arrives in front of it the door automatically opens.

Requires an incredible ecosystem!

The trillion euro slide…

Insight from devices and sensors. Social stuff. Smart products everywhere. Systems of record transformed to be systems of engagement. Anticipatory. Public-as-a-service capabilities (GPS, PayPal…). => Context-rich mobile engagement, better customer experience.

If you can see yourself in this kind of stuff, you’re going to make a lot of money in the future.

In the future, all companies will be software companies. Your most important assets will be your software assets, because they will make the difference in retaining customers. The only way you’re going to win in the Age of the Customer.

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