Tinkering with Evernote, Tumblr, IFTTT, and Pocket [en]

[fr] Je bidouille avec Pocket, IFTTT, Evernote, et Tumblr.

This is incomplete tinkering. More questions than solutions. Welcome into my ecosystem for dealing with other people’s content.

I’m a fan of the “read later” button, my buckets are overflowing, and I’m fully aware of the aspirational nature of my ever-growing collection of things to read. I do read, though.

When I read things, I publish snippets (my “notes”) to Digital Crumble. I use Evernote to store all kinds of data and content, and am moving towards storing more and more in it. (No I’m not freaked out by the hacking episode, which I think they handled well.)

I used to use Instapaper as my “read later” bucket but have now switched to Pocket, mainly because the latter offers more triggers in IFTTT.

Here’s what I’d like to do:

I love IFTTT, but get frustrated that the triggers and actions associated to the channels I use are sometimes insufficient for my needs. And yes, this is probably often due to limitations placed by the service APIs (I’m still reeling from the loss of Twitter triggers). For example, the ingredients for the Pocket triggers only contain an excerpt of the saved page, and not the full content. Shame!

So, I might go back to just saving my “pages to read later” to Evernote, but it’s not quite as friendly as Pocket for reading and managing them.

2nd Back to Blogging Challenge, day 8. On the team: Nathalie Hamidi (@nathaliehamidi), Evren Kiefer (@evrenk), Claude Vedovini (@cvedovini), Luca Palli (@lpalli), Fleur Marty (@flaoua), Xavier Borderie (@xibe), Rémy Bigot (@remybigot), Jean-François Genoud (@jfgpro), Sally O’Brien (@swissingaround), Marie-Aude Koiransky (@mezgarne), Anne Pastori Zumbach (@anna_zap), Martin Röll (@martinroell), Gabriela Avram (@gabig58), Manuel Schmalstieg (@16kbit), Jan Van Mol (@janvanmol), Gaëtan Fragnière (@gaetanfragniere), Jean-François Jobin (@gieff), Yann Graf (@yanngraf). Hashtag:#back2blog.

2 thoughts on “Tinkering with Evernote, Tumblr, IFTTT, and Pocket [en]

  1. Oh, interesting. I haven’t tried Pocket yet, I probably should. Your article made me curious, I hope you don’t mind the two questions: apart from IFTTT support, is the experience different or better? Which device do you use to read time-shifted material?

  2. So, for the moment, I’m a big victim of aspirational “read later” lists. With Instapaper, I would go back to the website to read the article. I actually prefer doing that because one of the things I do when I read is post snippets to Digital Crumble, and I can only do that from the site itself. It’s also one of the things that discouraged me from using RSS readers more, though feedly did have some kind of “post snippet to Tumblr”, but if I recall correctly it didn’t work exactly the way I would have wanted it to.

    The main reason I want to dump things in Evernote is for future reference, so I can find them later. I have only just started using Pocket so I haven’t tried their app yet, but I have to say I quite like the idea of it: it means I could say “ok, I’m going to read for an hour now”, leave the browser and dive into the Pocket app.

    Does this help?

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