Lift10: How to win in digital (Richard Murton) [en]

Here are my running notes of the Lift conference in Geneva. This is How to win in digital (Richard Murton). May contain errors, omissions, things that aren’t quite right, etc. I do my best but I’m just a human live-blogging machine.

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As an ex-RAF pilot, more used to speaking to one person (air traffic controler) when he has an earpiece strapped in.

Lift10 Richard Murton

Big organizations have many questions about what they should do with the digital world. => accenture

Go through some of the key challenges big organizations are facing to tackle the digital world, and the 5 key things they can do right.

Context. Life was simple before, all you needed was a website, a bit of search, and a few banner adverts — that was a digital strategy.

Now… it’s a really complex jungle out there.

Outbound marketing vs. surround marketing. More of the latter now. Capture the attention of all the consumers out there.

Traditional channels are increasingly digitized. Ex. billboard changed into super-screen billboard.

The consumer is everywhere, in control, and has different attitudes and actions from before.

Average 10-30% invested in digital.

Challenges. Some quotes:

  • relevance “we are not winning the battle for customer relevance in digital” — lots of the visitors of websites are anonymous => hard to provide them with a relevant experience (“hi Joe, same beer as usual?”) The winning companies are creating intimacy out of anonymity.
  • “even small site changes wait for up to 10 different stakeholders approvals” — can’t spend 6 months with your agency planning and 3 months building etc for your website. A two-year cycle is way too long!
  • home-grown platforms — stitched together isn’t going to serve you very well if you want to provide your customers with a sleep agile environment
  • “technology spend as a proportion of digital revenue is out of control”
  • “web reporting and measurement is its own little island… it’s not connected” — internet: very measurable, we just need to figure how, and how to use it


1 Place analytics at the core of your digital marketing campaign and business, and intelligence to see what solution actually drives the outcome you want (real-life testing); content at the asset level, measure success of variations.

If you don’t know who your customers are you can use simple techniques like reverse IP lookup to know where they’re from, etc… => can already give you some insight (ex. urban vs rural areas, etc), or use the search term they used (do they know the brand? is the search sophisticated?) Possible to use info gathered in social network sites to target advertising to customers when they finally come to your site (e.g. Jack was asking around about plasma screens)

2 Moving to single integrated platforms. Cost, security.

3 Vertically extending into advertising. We think only 14% of ads we see are relevant to us. Lot of space for optimization!

4 Horizontally extending into online and offline worlds (Holy Grail).

5 Managed services to create digital campaigns. *steph-note: not sure I understand what a managed service is*

Future is agile, flexible, scalable and uses analytics as a foundation.

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