Lift10: Printing the internet out (Russell Davies) [en]

Here are my running notes of the Lift conference in Geneva. This is Printing the internet out (Russell Davies). May contain errors, omissions, things that aren’t quite right, etc. I do my best but I’m just a human live-blogging machine.

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Most of what follows is true. *steph-note: he has Kinder Surprise as prizes, just threw one to a member of the audience!*

Lift10 Russell Davies

Has worked in advertising for a long time. Realized after a while he wanted to be at the front of the train because it was less crowded. But being at the front of the train is being at the back of a whole lot of other trains.

Exploring the recently possible. But what we actually do is explore the recently easy. People don’t realise when something becomes easy! Big gap. *steph-note: I’m in there ;-)*


Book “The Comfort of Things” (Daniel Miller)

Objects are more than just a screen. Big red remote button (made by @tinkerlondon) instead of tinier and tinier keynote remotes.

Lift10 Big Red Remote Button

Brilliant post: The street as platform. Terribly long, you realize how long when you print it.

“Things our friends have written on the internet” (2008). Newspaper Club.

There are brilliant bits of infrastructure lying around (printing presses) and they’re not used as much, so easy access.

“We have broken your business, now we want your machines.”

Trying to imagine what houses would be like in 2050, based on model houses. *shows photos* Speculative modelling.

We shouldn’t forget about analogue friction.

Russell loves pockets. We build book-sized things really well, but not objects the size of a chestnut. Poken! (on screen!)

Data about who you are => manufacturing process => make something you can put in a kinder egg => you get extra points.

Project: look at the software you use over time (like RescueTime) and then send you building blocks representing it 🙂 Making visible and material something we have trouble grasping (how much time we spend in these things).

Christmas decorations based on people’s social media use. Dopplr clouds, Twitter snowmen, Last.FM bars, etc 🙂 *steph-note: I want a Twitter snowman!*

Physical transformations are even more indistinguishable from magic. Turning something from the data world into something physical. The mix tape. Much better on cassette than just sending a playlist. Because it’s a physical object. Personal objects are really powerful — and people are really used to paying for objects.

Printing wikipedia!!!

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