Lift10, The Old New Media: The Grand Mashup (Catherine Lottier and Virginia Mouseler) [en]

Here are my running notes of the Lift conference in Geneva. This is Catherine Lottier and Virginia Mouseler‘s The Grand Mashup, part of the Old New Media session. May contain errors, omissions, things that aren’t quite right, etc. I do my best but I’m just a human live-blogging machine.

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Lift10 The Grand Mashup

Media content + the digital universe = the grand mashup. Between 2000-2010, cross-fertilization.

  • 2001: 911, Twin Towers on cable and satellite TV
  • 2010: volcano #ashcloud (#ashtag) on Twitter

Internet is the great aggregator. The previous dividing lines between types of media have exploded.

TV or radio is no longer the fastest path to information. It’s social networks like Twitter.

New Deal:

  • hybrid genres (new programmes include online stuff)
  • visual codes of the digital universe (tags or avatars are appearing on regular TV programmes)
  • operating modes of the digital universe (immersion, simulation, sampling, crowdsourcing, commenting culture, behind the scenes culture…)

How does this change the professional TV world? Use of digital communication agencies, curators for lists, UGC, human traces, permanent and expert observation of innovation (keeping up-to-speed). “Catching up is the new looking ahead.”

Series of videos to illustrate all this:

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