Reading Online: Readability and Instapaper [en]

[fr] Deux outils à adopter si vous lisez beaucoup sur le web: Readability et Instapaper -- le premier pour rendre les textes lisibles, le deuxième pour créer une "pile de lecture".

Two tools you should learn to use and love if you like wandering around the web for interesting stuff to read: Readability and Instapaper.

Readability is a bookmarklet which reformats the main content on the page your reading, getting rid of the cruft and the way-too-small fonts to make the text comfortable for you to read. Before creating your bookmarklet, you can tweak the settings to your liking.

Instapaper also comes in bookmarklet form (and as an iPhone app) which allows you to “save for later reading”. When you feel like reading, head over to and read all you like.

The combination of the two is just wonderful.

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