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I have a wordpress export of my blog dated 24th october 2008. That’s good. I means everything published before that date will come back as it was.

The exception to that is the non-blog content of CTTS: the “pages” like the writing section, RSI page, About, etc. But I’ve got all those out of the Google cache (hoping I didn’t forget any).

Feedly, which I loved already, are saving my day by providing me with an export of my 1000 or so latest posts — more than enough to cover the bit that’s missing since October.

Backtype, as for them, have promised to get back to me with whatever comments they have for my blog, as they’ve been crawling it regularly for quite some time now.

So, I’ll have to reconfigure blog, theme, plugins, which is not the end of the world.

I have a copy of the last post I wrote and the ones before in case they hadn’t made it to feedly when I pulled the plug (haha). I also learned that you can access the cached version of a page directly if you know the url by typing cache: in Google, for example.

Where’s the catch?

Integrating the exports I’ll get from feedly and backtype. Off the feedly export, I’ll have to:

  • remove delicious links posts
  • remove “similar posts” div
  • remove post language and “other language excerpt” from the top of almost each post
  • move the language and other language excerpt into the correct custom meta fields
  • find a way to integrate the comments gathered from backtype into the right place in the export file.

Thanks so much for everybody’s help. CTTS is going to be bonky for quite a few days, and not least during the Lift09 conference, which I’ll be live-blogging.

Oh well. Conferences seem to attract server disasters — in my case anyway.

2 thoughts on “Here's the plan [en]

  1. Hi there!
    Since I just recently added your blog to my netnewswire RSS reader, it automatically downloaded all available posts and cached them (without the comments though). Oldest post I see dating back to December 10.
    So if you need help restoring, leave a comment on my blog and let me know.

  2. Thanks, I have all the data now actually. Only issue is going to be setting it into the right format to be able to import it into the blog again.

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