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[fr] Quand j'ai des vidéos à mettre en ligne, c'est toujours la même prise de tête. Quel service utiliser? YouTube, Viddler, DailyMotion, Facebook, Google Video...? Tous? Qu'est-ce que vous faites, vous?

Earlier this month at BlogTalk 2008 in Cork, I ended up taking a bunch of videos of the talks there, as there was no official video-taking. Rob Cawte, who happened to be sitting just behind me on the first day, also took a whole bunch — check out his WebCamp on Social Network Portability and BlogTalk2008 Cork Video Index.

I’ve finally got around to encoding, stitching together, and uploading (not in that order) almost all the videos I made. And as always, aside from the oh-my-god-what-format-do-I-export-in headache I’m starting to get used to, I find myself wondering where to upload. YouTube? DailyMotion? Viddler? Google Video, even though I don’t seem to be able to get upload to work? Facebook? Serve them myself from my own server?

After going through a DailyMotion phase, I’ve now mainly switched to Viddler, because I like the way it allows you to make notes or place tags on any frame of the video. You can also link to any particular moment in the video. But unfortunately, I’m aware that placing a video on YouTube, for example, would ensure that it’s seen more.

How do you deal with this? While we wait for the service which will upload your videos everywhere, what do we do?

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  1. I’m on Viddler. Adding the notes is a plus. Also, and perhaps this is my snob tendency coming through, I’m not sure if I want my videos exposed to everyone on YouTube. Viddler seems to have a different type of audience….or maybe I’m naive.

  2. C’est peut-être un peu off-topic, mais la dernière chose que j’ai essayée est la suivante :

    1. encoder la vidéo en H.264 dans un fichier .mov avec QuickTime ;
    2. utiliser le JavaScript AC_QuickTime.js proposé par Apple pour l’embedder avec QuickTime ;
    3. utiliser le JavaScript SWFObject et l’application Flash JW FLV Media Player pour l’embedder avec Flash (qui supporte le H.264 à partir de la version 9.0.115) ;
    4. proposer le choix au visiteur.

    Ça marche assez bien. La qualité du H.264 est à des années lumière du flv (il demande plus de ressources pour le décodage, mais personnellement, H.264 sur mon PowerBook vieux de 5 ans tourne mieux que le flv de YouTube) et il y a la possibilité d’utiliser un vrai player/plugin (QuickTime) si disponible au lieu de ces players Flash très limités et peu performants. De plus pratiquement tout le monde a soit Flash, soit QuickTime, et Flash est très facile à mettre à jour si nécessaire, à l’aide de l’option Express Install.

    La seule chose est que la vidéo est hébergée sur mon serveur, par sur un service comme YouTube.

    Il me reste à trouver un moyen de détecter les version de QuickTime et de Flash pour proposer directement le bon player le cas échéant.

  3. In my case, I’m interested in getting the videos “out there” — ie, taking advantage of the social dimension of these platforms. So one could argue both:

    • put it on all platforms to get maximum exposure
    • put it on one only to concentrate all “views” on one video

    Quality, at this moment, is not a biggie for me (the best solution for that is to serve the video myself, clearly).

    Thanks for your comments, keep them coming!

  4. Another to keep in mind would be – Ok, so the display isn’t BIG. But the quality is good, the upload speed is agreeable, and is just as versatile as any other site out there. But I can’t say much about the social aspect of the site.

    Also try uploading to torrents. Some people like to be able to download a full set of videos of something they’re interested in – and people go for torrents these days.
    The beauty in it is, you only have to seed the upload until a few others download it and continue to seed. Then it’s out there forever. And if something were to happen to your videos on torrents or video – the “pirate” community will naturally re-upload them.

    It wasn’t in Cork, Ireland by chance, was it? lol In any case.. not a place to host a seminar. 😀 Cork (,Ireland) smells funny.

  5. J’utilise Dailymotion. Il permet d’envoyer des vidéos de 150 Mo, donc de meilleures qualités, à priori. Par contre, j’en ai pour la nuit à l’uploader; la vitesse d’upload dépasse rarement les 35 ko/s.

    Petit souci: le réseau Swisscom qui équipe nos écoles bloque l’accès à Dailymotion (mais pas à Youtube).

    Je rêve d’un service qui permette d’envoyer sa vidéo par FTP.

  6. hi,
    iMovie click click DotMac or Youtube, click send link to friends 🙂

    so yes i subsided to a DotMac account, before that (2years ago) i had my own site with a photo/video gallery to post. Tried youtube, daillymotion, facebook…, all have things that i don’t like and don’t have things i need (public, private, private by user name etc etc)
    P.S. now as seesmic can make “private” videos, and you have a personal page, i think that can be used as a “video repository”
    P.P.S. found your blog/project from seesmic video

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